In The News Translations – 6/6/18

FCB Milan took home the Preview of the Year prize at the 2018 NC Awards in honor of client PittaRosso, reports ADC Group.


NC Awards 2018

FCB Milan wins the Preview of the Year Award for its “Infinite Possibilities” campaign signed for PittaRosso, as a “merit of a brave customer who approved a disruptive script.”

At the 2018 edition of the NC Awards, FCB Milan won the Preview of the Year Editor’s Prize thanks to the “Infinite Possibility” campaign signed for the relaunch of PittaRosso.

A highly valued project, focused on its protagonist, Simona Atzori, a dancer, writer, painter, motivator and, above all, a woman who has decided to go beyond any limit, even the physical one.

As declared by Francesco Bozza, Chief Creative Officer at FCB Milan, to ADVexpressTv, it is, above all, the courage of the client who, at the tender stage, chose a disruptive script and storytelling. “A video message from Simona was enough to convince us,” Fulvio Caliceti, marketing director at PittaRosso, explained to our microphones. “PittaRosso has always chosen innovative communication methods compared to the standards of the reference sector, and this project immediately won us over to communicate an important value.”

The campaign, currently on the web and in print, will soon be present in stores and will probably see new variations after the summer. As pointed out by Caliceti, the feedback is very positive: over 1.5 million likes and shares for the video, with many comments of appreciation, especially addressed to Simona.

But where did the idea of ​​choosing Simona Atzori as a protagonist come from? “Thanks to our copywriter Greta, who came into my office with this proposal, I watched a video with Simona, whom I had not known until then, and I liked her right away: she was the right person for us,” said Bozza to ADVexpress microphones.

FCB Lisbon Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer Edson Athayde discusses recent agency momentum, in a feature for Dinheiro Vivo.


Edson Athayde: The 5 challenges of the “new” FCB Lisbon

The CEO and Chief Creative Officer of FCB Lisbon gives an account of the agency’s challenges after the MBO. Edson Athayde and Vera Barros are the new members.

FCB Lisbon started to have 100% national capital after the MBO of the current management to the agency. Edson Athayde (CEO and Chief Creative Officer) and Vera Barros (Chief Financial Officer) became the two partners of Cofidis and Lactogal. Edson Athayde explains in the first person the 5 challenges of this new phase of the agency. One of them? “To help transform Portugal into a creative hub on a planetary scale.”

Challenge #1: “In the team that is winning it moves, yes.”

The life of a company cannot be watertight. Living is movement. Inventing and reinventing yourself is not an option, it is a must. The FCB Global logo itself expresses this: the letter “b” is cut off, signaling that the story is not finished, that we can all be better tomorrow than today. So, if it was interesting to bring the company here, more will be reimagining its future. It’s a pleasure to work in such a place. That was what FCB called for me three years ago: to energize its local operation. This is just another chapter of this narrative.

Challenge #2: Move up the bar. Always.

We use the expression “Raising the Bar” as the internal communication tool. Although it is in English, it is our phrase, it does not come from the international network. We have this notion that it is not enough to do well, we have to learn the fundamentals of things, gain positive routines, rehearse the plays and, when we reach a mark, move to the next mark, at a higher point of the bar. In addition to a mouth-to-mouth speech is something we try to internalize a lot. So, we do not see each other in one place a year from now. See you above and beyond. How do we get there? Working.

Challenge #3: The most local of the multinationals or the most multinational of the places? Let’s try to understand ourselves: we are the size of our dreams. We love having an international origin. How nice to have the planet inside our genes. We love working out (which we do with an important regularity), we believe that good ideas travel, we export creativity to several countries. But we also love being Portuguese, writing in the language of Camões, knowing where Rossio and Rua da Betesga are (and not wanting to put one inside the other). This does not make us schizophrenic or unfocused. It only makes us more complete. We do not want to be one thing or another. It’s the two of us. We went on and on. Always.

Challenge #4: Grow without resizing. It would be hypocritical to say that we do not want to grow up. We just do not want to lose the dimension of things. We are not in this business to get rich in the pejorative sense of the term. We like (and here I can speak for all the collaborators) the feeling that the success that we obtained was sweated. So, yes, I have faith that we still have room to grow. But we do not aim to be the largest in volume, in billing or whatever. Whoever visits us knows that we have a human dimension. And this is what we will always have.

Challenge #5: Help transform Portugal into a creative hub on a planetary scale. I like to use the verb “help” because I am clear that we are not doing this alone and that the task needs the commitment of the whole community. Portugal has been gaining international presence and prestige in several areas related to the creative industries. How nice. The great challenge of FCB Lisbon is to continue to contribute to this mission. It is to make our relationship with FCB International remain strong and productive. That we are, even more, a warehouse of talents, of training new professionals. We want to be even more multicultural. We are working towards this.”

FCB Mexico Chief Creative Officer Javier Campopiano talks about what he expects from this summer’s Cannes Lions, as part of a Q&A for Merca 2.0.


What to Expect from This Year’s Cannes Lions Edition: Interview with Javier Campopiano, CCO of FCB Mexico and Speaker at the Festival

Javier Campopiano, partner and creative officer of FCB Mexico, is one of the Latin American speakers at the upcoming Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. We talked with him about his expectations and participation.

Weeks ago, Javier Campopiano arrived in Mexico City to join FCB as partner and chief creative officer. Before, he was in New York, at Saatchi & Saatchi, where he carried out successful campaigns, and one of them, for the Tide brand, has high expectations.

Merca2.0: What can we expect from this edition of Cannes Lions?

Javier Campopiano: I think it will be an edition with many interesting points, because of the changes in categories, because of what happened with Publicis Groupe who will not participate – although some of its pieces are inscribed in other ways.

I think conceptually, for all of us who have the luck to go, this is an edition of the festival where we will be very attentive to whether this is a transition to something different or is simply a year with fewer enrollments. It can happen either way.

It may happen that this defines a bit how we are going to participate in something as important as Cannes Lions and that the results are different from other years.

Remember that what was sought with these changes, beyond reacting to an express request of the groups and even the customers, was that the pieces won not so many awards and that each one has an importance in itself.That’s why the categories were reduced and all were included in these communication tracks.

Personally, I think that those of us who work in this industry are going to look for them in this context.I also believe that the years of abundance in the inscriptions, perhaps, will begin to end.

How do you expect it to go for the “It’s a Tide Ad” campaign that you did with your previous agency?

The Tide campaign has consistently been winning at festivals, like a Black Pencil at D&AD, which is very difficult to win.For me, what comes from here on is extra.

It gave me so many joys, from the moment we made it, the things we tried and that came out of it, until the moment it was published on Super Bowl night.I think it will do well and be a contender for the big prizes, probably in television and media.

I hope the campaign wins, but I’m already at another agency, with other plans. I think it will be a joy but measured.

You will be a speaker at Cannes Lions, what will your conference be about? 

I will be in a chat with two other Latinos who work in the United States, who are Fernanda Romano (Malagueta Group) and Ciro Sarmiento (Dieste USA). We will talk a little about what it means to be a Latino creatively leading agencies in a market like the U.S.

We will talk about the value of our way of being and our experience in Latin America when entering such large markets, with so much scale and many more resources than we have, as well as the importance of diversity when it comes to producing ideas.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity will take place from June 18 to 22.