In The News Translations – 2/19/19

Grenier celebrates FCB Montreal’s latest Valentine’s Day initiative.


FCB Montreal celebrates Valentine’s Day with socks

The agency highlights Valentine’s Day with a humorous initiative. 

FCB Montreal took advantage of Valentine’s Day by giving a friendly nod to colleagues and friends with a gift featuring some of the agency’s members.

Sock pairs featuring FCB Montreal President Samia Chebeir and Vice President and Creative Director Sylvain Dufresne, accompanied by a Valentine’s Day message, were sent out to emphasize the importance of maintaining a harmonious relationship with colleagues in order to accomplish great things.

Javier Campopiano, chief creative officer at FCB Mexico, will serve on the Grand Jury at El Sol Festival in Madrid, announce Programa PublicidadMarketing DirectoEl PeriodicoPuro MarketingControl PublicidadEl PublicistaReason WhyLa PublicidadAdlatinaExtra DigitalIP MarkMarketing Activo, Revista G7, Capital Radio and Diario Siglo XXI.


Madrid capital of El Sol to be held at the Price

Chavo D ‘Emilio, president at McCann Buenos Airesand ECD of McCann Latam, will preside over the Grand Jury composed of 25 members who will vote “in situ” on the shortlist. The Teatro Circo Price will host the activities of this edition of the festival in June. With 34 editions, El Sol is an Ibero-American reference for advertising creation and communications. The Ibero-American Festival of Advertising Communication turns its gaze towards creativity in its broadest and most inclusive sense, to claim creativity as a transformational force – not only in terms of communication-based advertising, but also with business, culture and society.

This was explained today at a press conference, along with the co-directors of the 34th edition: David Coral, vice president at the AEACP and president and CEO at BBDO Spain; and Cristina Barturen, general director at Arnold Madridand member of the Executive Committee of the AEACP (Spanish Association of Advertising Communication Agencies, organizer of El Sol), accompanied by César de la Cruz, general director of communication of the Madrid City Council. In the meeting, it was revealed that this edition will begin a new stage of the festival led by creativity in its entirety, and for the first time held in Madrid.

From this new integrating and total vision of creativity, El Sol will take place from June 6 to 7 in Madrid, as an Ibero-American epicenter that brings together important actors from relevant sectors. With the collaboration of the Madrid City Council, El Sol will locate its headquarters in the Teatro Circo Price, where the events, exhibitions and conferences that make up its program of activities will take place.

In the words of Manuela Carmena, Mayor of the city of Madrid: “I am very proud to have an appointment as El Sol in the heart of this city. We are an open, imaginative, restless and deeply creative city, all concepts that link directly with the spirit and objectives of the festival. We hope that the festival will stay in Madrid for many years and we will collaborate on everything necessary from this City Council to make it so.”

For its part, Cristina Barturen, co-director of El Sol,reaffirmed the festival’s commitment to creativity over 33 years of history, “which places it, together with the Effie Awards as one of the two most valued prizes of creativity by advertisers at a national level (according to the latest study by the prestigious consultancy, Scopen). El Sol, said Barturen – along with El Ojo – is one of the only two Ibero-American festivals of reference for the elaboration of the WARC rankings (former GunnReport), and that makes us continue betting on its growth and consolidation.”

David Coral, co-director of El Sol, pointed out that: “we are a sector with too endogamous festivals. Talking about communications, brands and marketing nowadays is necessary, but is not enough. Because the disruption in our industry and that of our clients do not come from within, but from outside; and a more open look helps us always be better as a sector. For that reason, El Sol proposes approaching creativity from new angles, including advertising. We will see inspiring examples where creativity in any field demonstrates its enormous transformational power. Because as a sector – and especially from the AEACP – we have to lead the business of creativity, of transforming ideas.”

In line with this growth, Coral announced several of the speakers who will reflect on creativity from a holistic approach. “We have an interesting conference program, with references of creativity in different areas, who will share their experiences with those present. They will be visited by renowned experts in various fields of creativity in the broader sense, such as David Rowam, Nir Hindi and Toni Nadal, as well as well-known advertising professionals such as Margaux Revol and Nicholas Hulley of the London agency AMV/BBDO.”

Meanwhile, the Mallorcan Toni Nadal is an elite coach and the main architect of the success of one of the great tennis players of all time, his nephew Rafa Nadal. He is also an expert in managing adversity, improvement and values.

Born in Tel Aviv, Nir Hindi is an entrepreneur who, although rooted in the world of technology and business, always has a foothold in the creative world. He is the founder of The Artian, an innovative company that inspires companies to be more original through training based on a unique method that adopts practices, processes and techniques of the art world and integrates artistic thinking in the business world.

Also participating in this section is Margaux Revol, a planner at MV/BBDO, and Nicholas Hulley, creative partner at the same agency, who will discuss the successful Libresse/Bodyform case. This campaign was awarded the Grand Prix in Glass Lions at the last edition of Cannes Lions, and won the Grand Prix in Effectiveness at the WARC Awards, along with other awards at The One Show, Eurobest and Clio Health.

Going into more specific aspects of the dynamics of El Sol, the co-directors announced that, after the 33rd edition, the Grand Jury will repeat the work on a shortlist selected by an online jury composed of 200 professionals representing Spain, Latin America, the US-Hispanic market and Portugal.

The Grand Jury, which will assess the work “in situ,” will be composed of 25 professionals at the highest level(three more than in 2018), counting the president. All of them, chosen according to their creative excellence and professional recognition, will be organized into three groups to judge the different sections. The President of this Grand Jury will be Chavo D ‘Emilio,President at McCann Buenos Aires and ECD at McCann Latam.

The members of the Grand Jury from agencies outside of Spain who have already confirmed their attendance, are: Lara Arellano (Argentinacine, Argentina), Christian Caldwell (McCann, Peru), Javier Campopiano (FCB, Mexico), Rocío Cuadra (OnlyIf, Mexico), Gustavo Lauria (WeBelievers, USA), Juani Martinez (VMLY&R, Argentina), André Pedroso (DDB, Colombia), Diana Triana (Sancho BBDO, Colombia), Javier Urbaneja (Havas Tribu, Costa Rica) and Felix del Valle (Ogilvy, Brazil).

They will be joined by professionals of Spanish companies, including:Cristina Barbosa (Vodafoney BCMA), Beatriz Delgado (Mindshare and am), Manu Cavanilles (Help and Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government), Joaquín Espagnol (Cheil), Gorka Fernández (Counterpoint BBDO), Alfonso González (Havas Media Group), Amaro González (El Ruso de Rocky), Eduardo Marqués (Publicis), Pilar Ordax (Beiersdorf-Nivea), Tomás Ostiglia (LOLA) and Oriol Villar (Oriol Villar).

This jury will assess the works registered in the different sections, which have kept in line with the last edition, but adapting as always to the changing reality of the sector. This year, El Sol will comprise the following sections:

Activation and Brand Experience, Audio, Branded Content, Integrated Campaigns, Digital and Mobile, Design, Exterior, Film, International Idea, Innovation, Media, Printed Media, Production and RRPP.

Propmark includes commentary from FCB Brasil Chief Creative Officer Joanna Monteiro in its feature on recent standout campaigns in Brazil.


Agencies praise campaigns from other agencies 

Talent Marcel, FCB Brasil and Y&R, among others, choose the best work of their competitors

Agencies praise competitors

The world of advertising is built on creative references. It is common for professionals in this field to study the work of renowned names to form their repertoire, which, even after its formation, continues to be nurtured by other people’s works (as well as other cultural works such as cinema, music, literature, etc.). With this in mind, Propmark decided to ask some of the main agencies in the country: “What recent work from another Brazilian agency would you highlight and why?”

Check their answers:

Artplan SP – Zico Farina, Creative Director

A Nissan racing behind a soccer ball while broadcasting a game on TV? This is the concept behind the campaign chosen by Farina and created by Lew’Lara. “Using a field card – maybe one of the most traditional media on the planet – in a different way. One of those ideas that we see and think: I wish I could have done that! Congratulations, Lew’Lara.”

BETC/Havas – Erh Ray, Partner and CEO

Erh Ray chose a recent case. “Cheetos’ last campaign was a good surprise this year. The way they explored the brand’s character was incredible: from taking it from the packaging, through the special content of social networks, to the creation of a ‘CASA’ of Chester Cheetah here in São Paulo. In addition to reinforcing the spirit of an irreverent brand, the campaign involved the consumer in unique experiences (have you ever imagined eating a thigh and a Cheetos pudding?) and of course, generated spontaneous repercussions. This is impeccable execution, which is already Almap’s trademark.”

Bold – Daniele Marques, Partner and CCO

Daniele mentions two campaigns. “I love Soko’s repositioning work for Mash, and, despite Bruno Gagliasso as the main advertisement boy, the film brings other models to make it more representative and make fun of various clichés related to the category’s communication. In a light way, this questions patterns and proposes a more inclusive view on bodies and on what it means to be a man,”

“I also really admire the work that DPZ & T has been doing (and DM9 has been doing) for McDonald’s within digital: bold, up-to-date and talking beautifully with the language and the weather on the internet.”

FCB Brasil Joanna Monteiro, CCO

“It’s not because they are my friends and I know they are three geniuses, but I also discovered that it was theirs when I sent the campaign to my group of uncensored commentators,” explains Monteiro referring to Heineken’s Itubaína Guaraná campaign. “I love the brands that believe in good advertising and invest in production and great creative. Congratulations Talent Marcel and the damned João Livi and Gudin, who were already doing very well for advertising since the times in which they were double in F/Nazca.”

Havas Health & You – Laura Florence, Executive Creative Director

Whopper em Branco, made by David, is one of the campaigns quoted more than once by the agencies. “I believe the role of brands today is to reverberate positive examples. But, it is not an easy task. This campaign was an excellent opportunity without being opportunistic, at such a polarized moment in the country. Bravo.”

Jüssi – Conrado Cotomácio, Creative Director

“Perfect Strange,” created by Mutato, was the choice of Cotomácio. “When they ask me what creativity is, I like to say that it is the mixture of unusual things that combines to generate something new and valuable. That’s exactly what Mutato did with this work. The purpose of Facebook’s action was to bring together different creatives to form something new. It served as a provocation for the creative community to see things through with new looks, bringing together creatives who have never joined their specialties to create something different. Production is impeccable and made by the agency’s own producer. For me, this is an example of a creative action that I would like to see every day in our industry.”

Lew’Lara – Felipe Luchi, CCO

“Tag Words,” from Africa for Budweiser, was also mentioned more than once. “A simple idea made for an important brand by one of the biggest companies in the world that mixes different media, especially mobile, with simple execution. What I like the most, though, is that the campaign builds what every brand wants: a guaranteed space in pop culture. With ‘Tag Words,’ Budweiser reminds the public of their presence in the rock n’ roll scene over the last few decades. This is no small feat. Spending little and taking advantage of technology widely used by the audience – in this case, Google.”

Mutato – Fernanda Guimarães, Creative VP

Mutato’s creative highlights two campaigns. One of them is “Absolut Art Resistance,” created by LiveAd. “This campaign has some elements that, combined, make it very powerful. First because it positions the brand as present and participatory in the current social dynamics, even in times of polarization. Moreover, when it promotes the graffiti of the Bays and the Kitchen Mineira no Minhocão, is a propeller of an important cultural movement that, for part of the people, is considered marginal, and thus contributes to movements that challenge the status quo. These two points add to the consistency of the brand: historically, Absolut has a very consistent platform of cultural actions aligned with the broader socio-cultural context, which gives space for talents and artistic manifestations over time, with a fine and consistent art direction.”

The other campaign highlighted by the creative was made by iFood, in partnership with Emicida, Phantom Lab and In House. “In this case, iFood has been able to use the very generous co-creation that fully dialogues with its delivery base (attending an endomarketing KPI), while resonating very positively with the outside audience. This shows that when combined, creative freedom and language assertiveness can build powerful brand messages for different audiences, while being super connected to the zeitgeist on the streets.”

It is worth remembering that the agency also praised AKQA in late 2018, when it was responsible for the “Bluesman” clip for Baco Exu rapper Blues.

As Andre Kassu put it: “It has to be very insecure to think that only your work is good, or only what you do is incredible, should be praised publicly, and is the only creative idea on the street that is good for the market.”

“Baco Exu’s Bluesman album Blues was released last week. The work, which deals with the mental health of the black population, still brings a film made in partnership with AKQA Casa, Stink São Pauloand Coala Festival, challenging the traditional model of the music market.

Our most sincere.”

SunsetDDB – Guilherme Jahara, Co-Chair

Jahara also highlighted two campaigns. “One of them is ‘Shop of Corruption,’ created by Lew’Lara \ TBWA, to publicize the series ‘The Mechanism.’ I was at the airport and was impacted by the campaign. The other is Burger King’s ‘Voto em Branco’ created by the agency David. This campaign came at the right time, with the right subject and in a very well-executed way for the brand, without forcing anything.”

“These two campaigns have something interesting in common, and have generated a lot of talk. They bring themes people want to talk about, which makes them much bigger than the play itself and creates spontaneous interactions.”

Talent Marcel – Rodrigo Tórtima, Creative Director

Skol Puro Malte’s “No Launch” campaign signed by F/Nazca was also quoted. “How can a mainstream beer brand launch a Pure Malt without losing its tone of communication? Difficult task, which was only possible with a total subversion of segment launches. Presenting all the credentials of a Pure Malt in a sarcastic way, the project solves a very complex equation.”

For the director, the campaign is fun, pertinent and very well produced. “It draws attention, it creates conversation, but it does not leave negative residuals for the mainstream Skol. In an integrated way, the pieces manage to leave the ‘No Launch’ structured like a real launch, amusing and drawing attention at all points of contact.”

Y&R – Rafael Pitanguy, Creative VP

Once again, the Itubaina Guaraná campaign created by Talent is mentioned. “Itubaina is a rescue of humor, something that we have seen so little of lately. When most brands try to appropriate a more serious discourse for our country and society, it is good to see a brand doing something in the opposite direction. A well done, unpretentious, super humorous and well-produced.”

Pitanguy’s other choice was “Tag Words” Budweiser, from Africa. “A real respite for the print media, a category that has lost so much space,” he said.

Fernanda Neves joins FCB Brasil as planning manager, report Portal Press, Meio & Mensagem and Portal Making Of.


FCB Brasil hires Fernanda Neves

FCB Brasil announces the hiring of Planning Manager Fernanda Neves, who joins the head of the Planning team, Luana Azeredo. Fernanda graduated with a degree in Advertising from ECA-USP, and she also studied at the University of Rome (Sapienza). With nine years of experience, the manager comes from F/Nazca. She previously worked at agencies Y&R, PA Publicity (GPA house agency) and WMcCann. Fernanda has developed campaigns for clients such as Sadia, Guaraná, Tiffany & Co., Bradesco, MasterCard, Seara, Smile, Mine Furnace and Extra.

FCB Milan secures a communications mandate from Rigoni di Asiago, announce EngageBrand NewsYoumarkIdeeIdeasMedia KeyDaily OnlineAssocom and Spot and Web.


Rigoni di Asiago chooses FCB Milan for communication

The contract extends from the elaboration of social and digital strategies, to the execution of the campaigns for Nocciolata and FiordiFrutta. The agency led by Giorgio Brenna will also take care of rebuilding the brand’s sites on a global level.

Rigoni di Asiago, a historical leading company in the production and trade of organic food products, has a new communication partner: FCB Milan.

The collaboration with the agency led by the CEO Giorgio Brenna, along with Fabio Bianchi and Francesco Bozza, started with an in-depth strategic study to fix the pillars on which to build future communication projects at the international level.

The plan includes a multidisciplinary approach that goes from the elaboration of social and digital strategies, to the creation of campaigns for Nocciolata and FiordiFrutta, as well as the daily management of all brand communication platforms.

“We used a proprietary strategic tool, Brand Bedrock, with the direct involvement of top management. This approach has provided us with the fundamental elements to set up long-term work on the brand. Our goal is to be able to transfer the passion and the absolute respect for raw materials, products and consumers that make Rigoni di Asiago a unique reality,” said Fabio Bianchi, managing partner at FCB Milan.

FCB Milan will also be responsible for rebuilding all the brand’s sites globally. The assignment was assigned directly.


Agency: FCB Milan

Francesco Bozza: Chief Creative Officer

Marco Vercelli: Senior Art Director

Massimiliano Sala: Senior Copywriter

Carlotta Piccaluga: Client Service Director

Antonella Romano: Executive Account

Paolo Costella: Senior Strategic Planner

Andrea Castiglioni: Head of Digital

Valentina Salaro: Head of Social