In The News Translations – 2/15/18

IQadsForbes RomaniaBusiness Review and IAA Romania highlight FCB Bucharest’s latest spot for La Festa.


Festa and FCB Bucharest have put their heart in a new TV spot

Ever since you were young, if you like something, you have the reflex to put you heart on it. In your childhood, you covered everything you loved with hearts, in adolescence you gave love to social networks, and when you grew up, you started to create hearts in your hands every moment that filled you with joy. For those who put their soul to everything, La Festa launched the Cuore biscuits, and FCB Bucharest told them the story in a new TV spot.

“Being at the top of consumers’ preferences and, for many years, a market leader, can only be a joy to share with all of the heart. It was natural to think and create a product in which we and our consumers can find ourselves. The Festa Cuore is a product inspired by both our passionate colleagues for the La Festa brand and the La Festa consumers who live with all the hearts daily. Along with a cup of hot cappuccino, hot chocolate or 3-in-1 La Festa, Cuore biscuits complete the experience of heartfelt moments,” says Mihaela Greluş, Marketing Director at La Festa.

The spot created by FCB Bucharest for the La Festa Cuore biscuits bring to the forefront a young woman who, since childhood, put hearts on everything she loved. From drawings with loved ones to a puppy, to the concert of her favorite band, to later divide hearts and Cuore biscuits in the happiest moments.

The spot marks the launch of a new and much-anticipated product category – La Festa biscuits, completing the portfolio of the brand that features hot coffee and hot chocolate brands. Cuore biscuits contain 8 cereals and coffee, milk and raisins, cranberry or chocolate. Being such a varied category, biscuits cover a lot of consumer needs and can be enjoyed at any time you want extra energy.

Teams participating in the project:

FCB Bucharest: Sorina Borcescu – Client Service Director, Delia Soare – Group Account Manager, Alina Stanciu – Senior Account Manager, Stefania Dinu – Executive Account, Alecsandra Roman – Head of Strategy, Irina Tănase – Creative Director, Irina Giuglea – Art Director

dSTUDIO: Ducu Ion – Production

La Festa: Mihaela Greluş – Marketing Director, Andreea Lupu – Brand Manager, Irina Prisnel – Junior Brand Manager

FCB Amsterdam’s newest radio campaign for Makro Pro gives entrepreneurs a boost, shares Fonk.


Makro focuses on local entrepreneurs in radio campaigns

This week, Makro launched a radio campaign that gives wholesale entrepreneurs a podium. For two weeks, they are part of a national campaign, which is being carried out at regional level.

The campaign is the result of an action around the new loyalty program Makro Pro, in which entrepreneurs had the chance to win their own commercial.

Regional Attention

“By giving entrepreneurs a chance on their own radio commercial, we are giving the Makro Pro loyalty program, introduced in 2017, an extra boost. All 17 Makro branches were happy to make entrepreneurs happy with the price, which resulted in a series of unique radio commercials. Through these radio commercials, we give entrepreneurs an opportunity to put themselves on the map in their specific region. Regional attention is an important part of Makro. We are a wholesaler, but with a very personal contact in the region. Starting on February 12, the commercials will be used regionally for two weeks. This is what we are all about: giving customers a platform in their most important region, where they do business,” says Luc de Jong, Commercial Director at Makro.

Makro Pro

Makro Pro is a program that allows loyal customers of Makro to better perform and rewards with extra cash discount, extra service and other privileges. In order to give the new loyalty program a boost, the wholesaler, together with their advertising agency, devised a large radio campaign, giving entrepreneurs the chance to promote their company in their region.

From February 12 until February 28, the entrepreneurs can be heard on RTV Noord Holland, RTV Utrecht, Omrop Fryslan, RTV Noord, RTV East, Broadcasting Brabant, Omroep West, Broadcasting, Gelderland, RTV Rijnmond, L1 (Limburg), Wild FM , Radio NL, Radio NL edition Twente, 8FM North East Brabant, 8FM, West Brabant, Decibel edition ZH, RadioNL edition Arnhem, Decibel edition NH and JND.

The campaign was developed and implemented by advertising agency FCB Amsterdam, MediaXplain and Sound Circus.