In The News Translation 7/31/17

FCB Brasil’s “Words” campaign for Tegra Incorporadora presents the brand’s new positioning, notes Clube Online. (Translation can be read on FCB Exchange.)


The commercial “Words” (watch below), created by FCB Brasil, presents the new name of Brookfield Incorporações, which is now called Tegra Incorporadora.

The film, which hits the small screen on Friday (28) in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, shows people and projects, while the words “Personality,” ” Healthy,” “Soul” and “Better Living” appear on screen, accompanied by a locution.

In the end, it turns out that all the buildings shown in the film are from Tegra, the new name of Brookfield Incorporations.

The commercial is part of the communication that brings the positioning “Tegra, real estate with personality,” and is also composed of ads for print media, pieces for social networks and out of home.

“The name change from Brookfield to Tegra Incorporadora is a great opportunity to showcase some of the company’s important developments in Brazil,” said Joanna Monteiro, FCB’s chief creative officer. “It is real estate with a lot of personality, developed for people to live better in cities.”

“Tegra comes from the words integral and integrating, and reflects the consolidation of a new culture, focused on developing entrepreneurs with a soul for those who seek to live better,” says João Mendes, director of Tegra Incorporadora.

Interbrand Consulting was responsible for developing the process of choice and change of brand, from the strategic creation of the new name to the visual, verbal and environmental identity.


Title: Words
Product: Tegra Institutional
Agency: FCB Brasil
General Director of Creation: Joanna Monteiro
Executive Creative Director: Fábio Simões “Simon”
Creative Director: Romero Cavalcanti
Designer: Fábio Cristo
Art Director: Henrique Ferreira
Writers: Mário Morais, Kléber Fonseca
Art Buyer: Bibiana Oliveira, Mallani Maia
Graphic production: João Albertini, Daniela Fonseca, Camila Galdêncio
Attention: Cris Pereira Heal, Anna Sant’Anna, Rafael Cardoso, Rebeca Macedo
Planning: Marcia Neri, Bruna Rodriguez, Lúcia Abreu, Mariana Santos
Media: Fabio Freitas, Cris Omura, Renato Gabriel, Ricardo Natalino, Daniel Bonifácio and Tatiana Silva
RTV: Charles Nobili, Ricardo Magozo, Pedro Lazzuri, Natasha Zaminiani and Mariana Carneiro
Photography: Jorge Lepesteur, Adriano Escanhuela

Release Date:
Cinematography by
Art Direction: Jaque Ramieli
Image production attendant: Elisa Mello
Finishing Coordination: Sivo Greven
Editing: Lucas Brasileiro
Finishing producer: Santa Transmedia
Color: Psycho
Sound Department: SaxsofunnyOM
Producer / Maestro: Cesar Brandão and Chico Reginato
Locution: Augusto Netto
Attendance: Tatiana Ornelas, Larissa Sarkis and Camila Madio

Digital Production: Sioux
Social Media: Sioux

Customer approval: Flávia Schmidt, Erica Moraes de Carvalho