In The News Translations – 10/30/17

FCB Mexico’s latest campaign for NIVEA Creme reinvents the brand’s iconic can to appeal to new generations of consumers, reveal El PublistaLatinSpotsMultipressAMAPAdlatinaB&M NewsRevista Creativaand Mobile Outdoor Magazine.


Nivea Creme and FCB Mexico launch the campaign “A touch of Mexico in your skin”

Nivea Creme reinvents its iconic can and appeals to new generations to continue generating tradition. In collaboration with a talented group of Mexican artists, launches a limited edition under the concept “A touch of Mexico in your skin.”

This is a project in which Mexican creatives such as Francesco Pinzón, Karla Álvarez and Carolina Pavia touch the deepest fibers of our culture. Inspired by both Mexican culture and the history and values ​​of Nivea Creme, the artists managed to intervene in the family can with four very personal reasons that are close to them.

Daniela Zalzman, Creative Director of FCB Mexico, commented that the Nivea Creme campaign was 100% digital to also connect with a younger target and change the perception of the brand, which, although it is more than 100 years old, is still so young and versatile as usual.

The campaign consists of a series of videos in which each of the artists tells the story of their work, reflecting the cultural, historical and natural richness of our Mexico, which today is the subject of an emotional celebration.

Artisans of Oaxacan looms, creative teachers of cheerful embroidery, the Aztec worldview represented by the magical and powerful figure of Quetzalcóaltl, the subtlety and elegance of the Talavera de Puebla ceramics, as well as the biodiversity of Morelia, are the reasons chosen by the brand for these special editions.

The final result of the videos and the total of the campaign, are clear examples of how the joint work flowed in the best way between the parties. From the Beiersdorf team led by Jorge Jiménez, Mariella Infante, Ricardo Muñoz, Sandra del Pozo and Karla Canales, to the group that has the account at FCB: Pedro García, Daniela Zalzman, María José Chavarría, David Pineda, Diana Chavez, Emelia Cruz, Jorge Saade, María de la Torre, Eduardo Zúñiga and Julio López (among others).

Also the crew of Monera Films in charge of the production and the team of Mercarte, demonstrated the high invoice, and finally, the affection put in the project.

Roastbrief, Dossiernet and Total Medios present FCB Buenos Aires’ newest spots for ZonaProp.


ZonaProp presents “More Options,” its new campaign developed by FCB Buenos Aires

The comprehensive campaign developed by FCB Buenos Aires, has a decontracted tone, fun and an impact that makes axis in the importance of having options when choosing a house, reinforcing the leadership of ZonaProp in Argentina.

“With more than 400,000 options to choose from, ZonaProp is the leading brand in its segment for the purchase, rental or temporary rental of properties. We are convinced that with this campaign, we will continue to build closeness and strengthen the business pillars that mark the differential of ZonaProp,” says Federico Paluszkiewicz, Director of Marketing and Communications of Navent.

Lulo Calio, DGC of FCB Buenos Aires, added: “It is clear that the current challenge in the strategic and creative search is to understand the formats. A great strategy is not worth anything, a great idea, if it is then hit by an advertisement button. That is why we are betting on pieces that, from a strong insight, pass a clear message, in the shortest possible time.”

The producer of the campaign was Lungo and was directed by Damian Garofalo. It consists of 3 commercials for TV, digital, social networks, VP and radio.


Advertiser: Navent.

Product: ZonaProp

Themes: “More Options”/“Bug, “Expenses,” “Ground Floor”

Agency: FCB Buenos Aires

President: Santiago Puiggari

CCO: Luciano Landajo

Creative Director General: Lulo Calio

Creative Director: Sebastian Visco

Art Director: Hagall Muñiz

Editor: Joao Cardoso

VP of Accounts: Maria Laura De Rosa

Account Supervisor: Luisina Bravo

Director of Audiovisual Production: Gabriel Lancioni

Production Agency: Maximiliano Ibarra

Production Assistants: Gerónimo Rey/Agustín Slapak

Director: Damián Garófalo

Executive Producer: Claudio Pastorino

Production Chief: Julieta Lapebie

Director Assistant: Federico Scarpelli

Direction of Photography: Nicolas Trovato

Direction of Art: Veronica Geraige

Clothing: Florence Melotto

Post Producer: Ignacio Parodis

Edition: Natalia Loiacono

Mix: Katana

Responsible for the Customer: Santiago Minorini Lima, Federico Paluszkiewicz, Bárbara Iturraspe, María Ximena Zaratiegui

FCB Brasil’s latest “Treino” spot for Cruzeiro do Sul reveals the university’s new positioning, share Grandes Nomes da Propaganda and AdOnline.


Cruzeiro do Sul University presents new campaign “Will is Nothing Without Content”

The University Cruzeiro do Sul brings a new campaign to present the 2018 selection process. The positioning “Will is Nothing Without Content,” is always reinforced in the actions of the University, and comes with a new visual language.

This language, signed by FCB Brasil, is present in all the pieces and brings an iconography and elements that embody the brand: color palette, attitude look in the photos, supporting phrases (representing the Cruzeiro do Sul student) and reformulation of two graphic elements. The protagonist of the campaign is the student, who stands out for his determination and effort, because he studies, works and never loses focus to get where he wants.

“Once again Cruzeiro do Sul proposes a daring campaign that instigates and runs away from any line already adopted in the educational segment, with an innovative language, much closer to its audience,” explains Mary Wakabara, Group Marketing and Communications Manager of Cruzeiro do Sul Educational.

With a debut today, October 23, the campaign features the film titled “Training” – with versions of 30″ and 15″ – that takes place in different environments of the University and alludes to the sports training, to show how dedication, training and focus make up the profile of the Cruzeiro do Sul student.

Produced by Associados and directed by Juliano Storchi, the film will be aired on open TV. In addition, there will be out of home pieces, print ads and digital coverage, with videos for Facebook and Youtube.


Title: Training

Product: Southern Cross

Agency: FCB Brasil

Chief Creative Director: Joanna Monteiro

Executive Creative Director: Fábio Simões

Creative Director: Romero Cavalcanti

Designer: Fabio Cristo

Supervisor of Digital Creation: Fábio Calvetti

Art Director: Romulo Caballero, Henrique Ferreira, Luccas Succi

Director of Digital Art: Marcus Tomaselli

Digital Creation Assistant: Silvio Silva

Editor: Lui Lima, Mario Morais, Lucas Saicali

Digital Editor: Alex Villena, André Oviedo, Viviane Barreto

Art Buyer: Daniel Gonçalves, Mallani Maia

Design Studio (Visual Guide): Typed Studio

Photographer (Printed and Digital Parts): Marcos Lopes

Graphic Production: João Albertini, Daniela Fonseca, Camila Galdêncio, Marcel Teixeira, Fabio Silva, Daiana Selli, Miriam Audi

Attendance: Cristiane Pereira, Michelle Bordignon, Daniele Lozano, Ana Paula Mancini, Marcela Joares

Planning: Frederico Steinhoff, Tomás Coutinho

Media: Fábio Freitas, Cristina Omura, Rebecca Hubner, Renato Gabriel, Cláudio Rodrigues, Renan Baret, Ricardo Natalino, Ricardo Fraser

RTV: Charles Nobili, Pedro Lazzuri, Ricardo Magozo, Natasha Zaminiani, Mariana Carneiro

Image Producer: Associates

Directed by Juliano Storchi

Art Director: Felipe Praça

Photography: Fernando Bertoluci

Image Production Service: Mari Sierra and Gabi Froemming

Coordination of Finalization: Felipe Minicucci and Felipe Thomé

Production Coordination: Bruno Arneiro and Amanda Rossi

Animation: DOPO

Composition: DOPO

Editing: Felipe Thomé

Finishing Producer: DOPO

Producer: Filipe Derado

Composers (lyrics): Lui Lima and Filipe Derado

Attention Sound Producer: Anna Di Giacomo and Paula Zakia

Customer Approval: Mary Wakabara, Wilson Diniz

FCB Warsaw took home Silver at this week’s Effie Awards Poland on behalf of client Nivea Polska, reports Signs.


Effie Awards 2017: Complete Competition Results

On October 23 at the Teatr Wielki – National Opera in Warsaw, during the XVIII Gala of the Effie Awards, the Jury chaired by Adam Penczski, General Director of McDonald’s Poland, presented 54 statuettes in 22 categories to advertisers, for the best in terms of effectiveness of communication campaigns in 2016. The competition was organized by the Association of Marketing Communications SAR.

The Effie Awards were presented by the chairmen of the expert groups and the representatives of the sponsors of the Competition and the Gala. The Gala was led by Piotr Kraśko, a journalist and television presenter.

Golden statues in the 18th edition of the Effie Awards were awarded to the creators of the campaign:

  • “Gang of Freshers” – prepared by MEC and Duda Polska for Jerónimo Martins Polska; (in the category: Retail/Sales Channels)
  • “War on Cancer” – prepared by Saatchi & Saatchi IS, Big Picture and Platige Image for Alivia – Foundation for Oncology of Young People; (in Pro Bono category)
  • “Bonjour in Carrefour” – prepared by Saatchi & Saatchi IS, Arena (Havas Media Group), and K2 Media for Carrefour Polska; (in the category: Retail/Sales Channels)
  • “Be surprised!” – prepared by Publicis, MEC, and GoldenSubmarine for Nestlé Polska; (in the category: Food)
  • “We are looking for 2016” – prepared by VML Poland for the SOS Children’s Villages Association in Poland; (in Pro Bono category)
  • “Unpasteurized Ancient Species” – prepared PZL, Tailor Made PR, Zenith, and Huta 19 im. Joachim Fersengeld for Kompania Piwowarska; (in category: Launch/Relaunch)
  • “Reconciliation” – prepared by Carat Polska, Posterscope Poland, and Isobar Poland for the Film Forum; (in the category Media, Culture and Entertainment)

This year’s edition did not award the Grand Prix.

Agency Awards:

Saatchi & Saatchi IS was named the most effective agency of the year, and the most effective media agency of the year was Mediacom Warsaw. They took first place in the Effie 2017 rankings.

This year’s edition of the Effie Awards contest has reported 219 campaigns in 24 categories. The work was evaluated by a 104-member jury under the supervision of 8 chairmen of the expert groups and the jury chairmen. Two new categories have been added this year: Tourism and Travel, and Performance Marketing/Ecommerce. A new category was announced for the next edition of the competition.

Contemporary effective marketing that pursues business goals is not just marketing communication. It is also a product and pricing policy, Big Data and CRM, distribution channels, technology. The border between marketing and strategic and multidisciplinary business is blurred. The investment in this area should take into account all well-integrated functions. Such is the requirement of today’s acceleration and development in many areas of life. Hence the introduction of next year’s edition of the Effie competition category, so far under the working title “Marketing Business Case” – announced during the Gala by Adam Pienkowski, CEO of McDonald’s Poland, Jury President Effie Awards 2017 – we would like to appreciate companies that implement marketing activities without concentrating funds solely for communication. Give the opportunity to submit works that are not in the current competition and effectively build the brand. One of the basic evaluation criteria will remain effective. With regard to the creative layer of importance, innovation will be acquired, the ability to innovate to meet the needs of today’s recipient. Issues increasingly determining the ultimate success of a competitive market.

During the Gala, the publication of the White Book of good practice for the purchase of marketing communications was also announced.

Our branch for tenders spends at least 150 million zlotys annually. The cost of tenders is born by all the advertising market participants, this burden weakens the agencies and, like all costs, must be included in the final balance of the company, which in turn also translates into customer service prices. Together with PSML and other partners, we worked together on the White Paper, and on November 24 we will meet together for the signing of the Trade Agreement – Szymon Gutkowski, President of SAR and Paweł Tyszkiewicz – SAR Plenipotentiary.

The Effie Awards are the most prestigious marketing competition. In Poland, they have been organized since 2000. There are significant new arrivals and new categories that are being launched each year. Up until this year, 2210 campaigns (including in 2017) have been submitted to the Effie Awards.

Full Results Effie Awards 2017:

Golden Effie



Product: Prażubr

Applicant: PZL, Tailor Made PR, Zenith, Steel Works 19 Joachim Fersengelda

Client: Kompania Piwowarska

Media, Culture and Entertainment


Product: Volhynia

Applicant: Carat Polska, Posterscope Poland, Isobar Poland

Client: Forum Film

Pro Bono

War with cancer

Product: Alivia

Applicant: Saatchi & Saatchi IS, Big Picture, Platige Image

Client: Alivia – Oncology Foundation for Young People

Pro Bono

We are looking for 2016

Product: SOS Children’s Villages

Applicant: VML Poland

Client: SOS Children’s Villages Association in Poland

Retail/Sales Channels

Gang of Freshmen

Product: Biedronka

Applicant: MEC, Duda Polska

Client: Jerónimo Martins Poland

Retail/Sales Channels

Bonjour in Carrefour

Product: Carrefour

Applicant: Saatchi & Saatchi IS, Arena (Havas Media Group), K2 Media

Client: Carrefour Polska


Be surprised!

Product: Maggi

Applicant: Publicis, MEC, GoldenSubmarine

Client: Nestlé Polska

Silver Effie

Brand Experience

Gang of Freshmen

Product: Biedronka

Applicant: MEC, Duda Polska

Client: Jerónimo Martins Poland

Brand Experience


Product: Play

Applicant: Mediacom Warsaw, Isobar Poland, Plej

Client: Play

Branded Content

Scrap Warrior


Applicant: Starcom, LiquidThread

Client: Discovery Polska

Branded Content

The first step into the second youth

Product: Voltaren

Applicant: Mediacom Warsaw, Polish Television, Blue Angels, Saatchi & Saatchi IS, Lulu Production

Client: GSK

Branded Content

Studio Tymbark

Product: Tymbark

Applicant: TalentMedia

Client: Maspex Group

Good Consumers

Cleaning has never been easier

Product: Philips

Applicant: Ogilvy & Mather, Carat Polska, iProspect Polska

Client: Philips UK

Good Consumers


Product: Huawei

Applicant: Maxus, DDB & tribal, LH/TBWA, Hill + Knowlton Strategies

Client: Huawei Polska

Social Education and Campaign CSR

Give Christmas Eve

Product: “Little Brothers of the Poor” Association

Applicant: Starcom, BBDO Warsaw

Client: “Little Brothers of the Poor” Association


I pay the debt

Product: ULTIMO

Applicant: ADHD Warsaw, Zenith

Client: ULTIMO


BLIK and is

Product: BLIK

Applicant: Change / Serviceplan, Starcom

Client: Polish Payments Standard


“My” changes everything

Product: My ING

Entrant: Brain, I like it – linked by Isobar, GONG, MullenLowe MediaHub

Client: ING Bank Śląski


Launch Showmax in Poland


Applicant: PHD, Digital Resolution, DDB & tribal, Bridge2fun, Digital Kingdom, Performance Media

Client: Showmax


Convenient learning of flavors

Product: Gerber

Applicant: Red8 Advertising, MEC

Client: Nestlé Polska

Drugs and Supplements of Diets

Here is Routine!

Product: Rutinoscorbin

Applicant: Saatchi & Saatchi IS, Mediacom Warsaw

Client: GSK

Drugs and Supplements of Diets

The first step into the second youth

Product: Voltaren

Applicant: Mediacom Warsaw, Polish Television, Blue Angels, Saatchi & Saatchi IS, Lulu Production

Client: GSK

Long Term Marketing Excellence

Borrow it to gain more

Product: Loan

Applicant: Brain, GoldenSubmarine, MullenLowe MediaHub, GONG

Client: ING Bank Śląski

Media, Culture and Entertainment

See you in your home.

Product: HGTV Home & Garden

Applicant: OS3, Starcom

Client: TVN Media


Introduction of the New Tiguan

Product: Volkswagen Tiguan

Applicant: Mediacom Warsaw, Hand Made, K2

Client: Volkswagen Group Polska

Alcoholic Drinks

I want to

Product: Zywiec

Applicant: Zywiec Group, Ogilvy & Mather, GONG, Spark Foundry, JUST

Client: Grupa Żywiec

Alcoholic Drinks

Official beer of unofficial Warsaw

Product: Royal

Applicant: JUST, Spark Foundry, Roots PR, Point of View

Client: Grupa Żywiec

Alcoholic Free Drinks

Sweethearts do not need to be sweet

Product: Zywiec Zdrój

Applicant: VML Poland, Young & Rubicam Poland, Mediacom Warsaw

Client: Żywiec Zdrój

Retail/Sales Channels

Do not go shopping. Buy online


Applicant: LiquidThread, Performics, Spark Foundry



ONLY NJU – no one else has solutions like nju

Product: nju mobile

Submitted by: Ogilvy & Mather, Initiative Media

Client: Orange Polska


Ultra-fast internet from Orange

Product: Orange Fiber Optic

Applicant: Publicis, VML Poland, Initiative Media, Havas Warsaw

Client: Orange Polska

Insurance and Investments

First bell

Product: Link4

Applicant: Brasil, Starcom

Client: Link4

Beauty and Care

Good Girl

Product: Good Girl (Carolina Herrera)

Applicant: Havas Media (Havas Media Group)

Client: SIROWA Poland

Beauty and Care

Efficiency with exceptional care

Product: NIVEA Protect & Care

Applicant: OMD, FCB Warsaw, GoldenSubmarine

Client: NIVEA Polska

Beauty and Care

Let’s talk openly

Product: ob

Submitted by: VML Poland, Universal McCann

Client: Johnson & Johnson Poland


Children’s Day at McDonald’s

Product: McDonald’s

Applicant: DDB & tribal, OMD

Client: McDonald’s Polska


Boss and the rest


Applicant: Scholz & Friends Warsaw, K2 Media



One thousand ideas, one Lubella

Product: Lubella

Applicant: GPD Agency, Mindshare Polska

Client: Maspex Group

Brown Effie

Brand Experience

Woodstock Challenge

Product: Play

Applicant: Plej, Tabasco Jacek Stacher

Client: Play


Credit Fair

Product: Idea Bank

Applicant: Value Media, Brasil, Spark Foundry, SalesTube

Client: Idea Bank


Entrepreneur gain

Product: mBank for businesses

Applicant: Gray Worldwide Warsaw, Mindshare Poland

Client: mBank

Good Consumers

Museum of old computers

Product: Microsoft

Applicant: Saatchi & Saatchi IS

Client: Microsoft

Drugs and Supplements of Diets


Product: Biovital

Applicant: Opus B, Media Group

Client: EGIS

Long Term Marketing Excellence

Men’s Play

Product: Zywiec

Applicant: Żywiec Group, GONG, Ogilvy & Mather, Live Agency, JUST, Spark Foundry

Client: Grupa Żywiec

Long Term Marketing Excellence


Product: McDonald’s

Applicant: DDB & tribal, OMD

Client: McDonald’s Polska

Media, Culture and Entertainment

Gold rushes you

Product: Discovery Channel “Gold Fever 6″

Applicant: JUST, Mindshare Polska

Client: Discovery Polska


Mercedes-Benz Class E

Product: Daimler

Applicant: Zenith

Client: Mercedes-Benz Poland


Overview Packs

Product: Škoda

Applicant: Mediacom Warsaw, Opcom

Client: Škoda Polska

Alcoholic Free Drinks

Get up to play

Product: Fanta

Applicant: Mediacom Warsaw, LiquidThread, McCann Worldgroup

Client: The Coca-Cola Company

Performance Marketing/E-Commerce

Do not go shopping


Applicant: Performics, Spark Foundry, LiquidThread


Performance Marketing/E-Commerce

WKRUK – Order online

Product: W.KRUK

Applicant: Performics

Client: W.KRUK

Pro Bono

I only have 1% chance …

Product: Powiśleńska Social Foundation

Applicant: Plej

Client: Powiśleńska Fundacja Społeczna

Insurance and Investments

Guardian of the Future

Product: Guardian of the Future

Applicant: PZL, MEC, Value Media

Client: Nationale-Nederlanden


It’s Crunchips, it’s a party

Product: Crunchips

Applicant: Spark Foundry, LiquidThread, JUST

Client: The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World

FCB Global Chief Creative Officer Susan Credle reveals her take on innovation, consumer branding and the digital revolution, ahead of her upcoming speaking role at El Ojo de Iberoamérica, reports LatinSpots.


The El Ojo 2017: Secrets of Susan Credle to Become a Creative Leader

The arrival in January 2016 of Susan Credle to FCB was intended to help Carter Murray to design the company’s brand for the future. Through her role as Global Chief Creative Officer, she not only leads creative production, but also forms the culture of the agency. In the following interview, Credle shares her vision of the current industry, how it will continue to be transformed in the future, and describes the role that brands have today and how they should be managed to transcend. She also anticipates what will be the topic she will talk about at her conference this year at El Ojo de Iberoamérica, where she will reveal her best kept secrets to becoming a successful creative leader.

What is the biggest challenge for the industry today?

The commitment to building a brand. Too many companies are putting the benefit before the purpose and many are driven by the quarterly results. Building a brand requires vision, commitment and strong partnerships. Until the love of doing something has more value than the love of making money, this will remain the challenge.
How do you imagine the future of agencies?
We will continue to see all kinds of businesses that will be called “agencies.” The days of an ideal way to structure them have ended. The agencies that one chooses to associate with will depend on the need. We will continue to see more collaborations, since we realized that an entity simply cannot be big in everything. The big question will be who manages those associations. In the last decade, we have seen a dramatic change in the brand agencies that recommend and manage the associations. Today more clients are making those decisions. This is probably the main reason why many agencies today are treated more like sellers than partners.
The digital revolution has changed most industries. How has it affected the advertising market?
Digital is a word that covers everything. The word itself causes confusion en masse. There are headlines like “TV is dying. Money is changing digitally.” The answer to news like this is that traditional agencies are going to suffer. But most of that money is still spent on short films for which the traditional agencies are very good. The screens are changing more than the creative content. I think technology and digital have made it much easier for everyone to be content creators. The capital investment needed to do things is much less today. Which means that more people can open agencies. Clarity about the experience is very important. The conversation must change from “we can do everything” to “this is what we do best.” I also believe that the digital revolution has created a transactional fixation on the emotional. The effects of this could lead to the erosion of significant brands, and that could have a negative effect on the economy.
Today innovation is a very important value for communication and advertising. Do you think that innovation is enough for a brand to be successful?
We need to be clear with the language. A brand is an emotional relationship. You do not really innovate relationships, you develop them. Innovation happens to the product or the business. The result of that innovation is often a stronger relationship with the brand. Innovation without purpose is a utility. And, finally, the utilities became merchandise. Strong brands bring greater value to innovation. Apple and Nike are perfect examples of this.

There is a lot of talk that the great value of brands is based on the experience they provide to the consumer. What factors should gravitate around the experience to be effective?

The strength of a brand is determined by the relationship that the brand builds with a person or a community. How a brand behaves, how it treats people and what experiences it associates with will affect that relationship positively or negatively. To be effective, the actions of the brand must be authentic for the purpose of the brand, and it does not hurt to be respectful, useful and/ or meaningful.
What is the role of advertising and brands in relation to values ​​such as inclusion and diversity, so debated today?
Brands play a huge role when it comes to inclusion and diversity. #womennotobjects, pastored by Madonna Badger, from the Badger & Winters group; #seeher, galvanized by Gail Tifford, Vice President of Media and Digital Commitment at Unilever in North America; the initiative of the GEM index of ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and AFE (Alliance for Family Entertainment); and the analysis of the representation of women’s advertising by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media are all strong examples of how important it is for brands to become aware of unconscious biases and the power they have to accelerate change. On the other hand, if brands do not make it a priority, they will perpetuate a patriarchal society in which women and people of color are retained.

Can a consumer stay true to a brand today?
I read somewhere that if the marks were human beings, most of them today would be diagnosed as psychotic. These brands are trying to be everything for all people, trying to manipulate their way in each space, taking advantage of situations…They are not driven by the purpose. They do not know who they are, nor what they represent. But brands that believe they deserve to exist in the world, brands that believe they play a vital role in some live people, brands that have a purpose at the heart of their actions, these brands will have loyal advocates. A recent statistic revealed that people would not mind if 75% of the brands in their lives left the business tomorrow. One way to interpret this is to think that people do not care about them. But maybe the reason that this statistic is so high is that these brands do not seem to care about people. Those who care about the needs and desires of people will have a clear advantage over those who do not.

What did Carter Murray ask him when he called her for this show?
Carter proposed to help me design the FCB brand for the future. The company can go back to 1873, but it feels more like a start-up of just five years. We have the infrastructure of a global network driven by the energetic attitude of entrepreneurs. Carter also put creativity at the heart of the business. Some people believe that advertising agencies are in the service business. We both believe that they are in the product business. We do things. Yes, we must provide good service. But, in the end, if you do not have a great product to show for that service, you will not be a major player in the advertising business.

What do you think is missing so that more women occupy a creative leadership in the world?
I chose the advertising because I thought that, as a woman, I was joining an industry that embraced, raised and finally, I followed the women. Mary Wells, Diane Rothschild, Charlotte Beers, Yvonne Smith, Nancy Rice, Penny Hawkey, Diane Cook-Tench…The list went and goes. My belief that this industry wanted me to succeed is perhaps more than half the reason why I did it. We should never ask: “Where are women in advertising?” We should always say: “here are women in advertising.” Do not come to this business with a chip on your shoulder. Unite because you love this business, because you believe in this business. Authentic passion surpasses everything. I also believe that the media should monitor their coverage of men and women in our business. Do women receive their fair share of being presented? And, finally, the juries and panels should reflect the diversity we want to create.

This year you will be one of the great speakers at El Ojo de Iberoamérica. What are your expectations about the festival?
I love publicity festivals. I have especially enjoyed regional festivals such as El Ojo. To look at the work of a region while you are physically in that world, sharing with the people for whom it was specifically created, is very special. I will probably talk less about creative work and more about becoming a better creative leader. It took me 30 years to learn some of these things. Consider the talk as a cheat sheet so you can get to success faster.

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Holly Brittingham, senior vice president of global talent and organizational development at FCB Global, and Corey Flourney. associate director of global talent at FCB Global, discuss diversity and inclusion initiatives throughout the network, in an article for Propmark.


FCB invests globally in the culture of diversity and inclusion

Agency defends that values are part of the company holistically around the world.

FCB wants diversity and inclusion to integrate the agency holistically into its 120 offices in 80 countries. As part of these efforts, last week, FCB Brasil held workshops on “intentional inclusion” with Holly Coxe Brittingham, SVP with global talent and organizational development; and Corey D. Flournoy, VP and associate director, global talent development.

Holly: “We have been progressing for a long time for equality and diversity, and the business world is getting more involved”

Responsible for talent management, leadership development and coaching, organizational development consulting, and the culture and inclusion program, Hollyhas been with the FCB for four years and has led changes in the D&I function based on the study of the impact of bias implicit in business decisions. She has already presented workshops for agency leaders in the US, Canada, South Africa, India, China, New Zealand and Europe.

For the first time in Brazil, Holly said that there is still a lot to be done for diversity and inclusion, and she defended the debate in the agencies. According to her, research shows that having increased levels of diversity reflects in better performance in business and, in this case – marketing and advertising – in better creativity. For her, the theme is not fleeting and it is the responsibility of the people who work with advertising and marketing to think of all consumers. “We have been making progress for a long time for equality and diversity, and the business world is getting more involved,” she explains.

When thinking about inclusion, in addition to the recruitment and talent management part, one must be attentive to the creative process not to perform something biased or prejudiced. “As professionals who post messages in the world, we have even more responsibility. We must think about what we are doing to make sure we are not contributing negatively. Every time decisions are being made, there is a chance.”

In the workshop, Holly talks about this, about the functioning of the brain, about being biased and needing to think about it. “The human brain categorizes. Assumptions are made in society and this translates into the oppression of different groups. We’re not saying ‘you’re racist,’ ‘you’re sexist.’ But we can create culture and an environment where people do not feel welcome. Being aware of this is important.”

In addition to showing the problem, the workshop helps people understand how to slow down and pay more attention. After a brainstorming, anyone who wants can take the theme forward locally, being part of an inclusive culture community and sharing what is being done in the agency globally. “We can try to understand consumer behavior and ourselves. And we can reflect on what the automatic assumptions we are making without perhaps realizing. Another thing is to be brave to speak up if you see something that may be bad for the business or that can contribute to someone else feeling excluded. They are small actions,” she says.

Another point is that there is a focus on one kind of prejudice, but in the culture comprehensively to learn about everyone. “It is a work and continuous learning, never stops. We want people to be aware and assertive in diversity and inclusion. There’s a lot of power in the work we do.”

FCB Brasil Chief Creative Officer Joanna Monteiro will participate in this year’s second edition of Domo Stories, notes Grandes Nomes da Propaganda.


Joanna Monteiro, from FCB Brasil, participates in the 2nd edition of Domo Stories

Next Monday, the 30th, the 2nd edition of Domo Stories will take place – a relaxed meeting of connecting people and ideas for the generation of content that, in a way, helps to transform the industry. The guest is one of the most important leaders of the national and international market, the FCB Brasil CCO, Joanna Monteiro.

Joanna has an incredible record in advertising and has transformed FCB‘s history into Brazil and the world. She is one of those people who has a lot of experience to share, is internationally recognized, and is engaged in transformational movements. It’s all about our proposal to market and discuss relevant topics in a relaxed and fun chat through our Domo Stories,” says Karin Stuckenschmidt, Partner and Executive Producer of Domo.

The theme of the chat led by Joanna Monteiro will be: “Hit and stumble: a retrospective that leads to the future.”


Date: 10/30 (Monday)

Time: 8:00 pm

Location: Subastor (Rua Delfina, 163, in Vila Madalena), for guests.

FCB Bucharest Creative Director Claudiu Dobrita will mentor up-and-coming creatives at this year’s ADC School, according to IQads.


The enrollments for the tenth edition of the ADC School have begun. UniCredit Bank scholarship granted to the first admitted

The most renowned Romanian creative executives await young people who want to acquire creative skills and who want to get into the advertising industry to join the courses of the most innovative school of concept in Romania. Entries for the tenth edition will take place until November 6.

Entries are made online at, resolving the bumper of the competition proposed by the tutors. Participation in the admission contest is free of charge, and in order to attend the ADC*RO School, admitted students will have to pay a fee of 500 euros.

UniCredit Bank supports young people at the beginning of their journey through a scholarship that fully covers the cost of the school. The UniCredit scholarship will be awarded to the first ranked after the admission tests evaluation. Also, at the end of the course, the tradition of awarding the scholarship Ionuţ Popescu continues to the student who will finish first and will have the most convincing portfolio, the prize consisting in the return of the participation fee.

Courses will begin at the end of 2017 and will last for four months. The school includes both courses and tutorials, as well as visits and meetings with some of the most relevant advertisers in our country. At the end of the school, they will be able to compile a portfolio of papers that will be evaluated by school tutors to determine the final ranking, and the best students will benefit from internships in agencies.

Among the tutors who are waiting to prepare a new generation of students are: Adrian Preda – Creative Director Friends \ TBWA, Andrei Trip and Creative Partner Three, Claudiu Dobrita – Creative Director FCB Bucharest, Dorian Pascuci – Creative Director Havas Worldwide ADDV , Laura Nedelschi – Creative Director Kubis Interactive, Liviu Ţurcanu – Creative Director Mercury360, Simona Suman – Group Creative Director MRM Worldwide Romania, Şerban Alexandrescu – Creative Director Headvertising, Ştefan Vasilachi – Head of Art Geometry Global and Valentin Suciu – Creative Director Jazz Communication.

FCB Brasil wins an advertising contract with Nestlé’s Moça, announce AdNewsPropmarkAcontecendo AquiPortal da PropagandaClube OnlineInteligemciaMeio & Mensagem and Grandes Nomes da Propaganda.


FCB Brasil is the new agency of Leite Moça

FCB Brasil is the new agency responsible for the advertising account of the brand Moça, which has more than 90 years of tradition in Brazil and is among the brands of Nestlé most remembered by consumers.

Through an immersion in the category and the challenges of the line, the agency prepares a work of strategic design to launch the first campaign developed for the company.

FCB Brasil will answer for all the communication of the: Milk Young Lady (available in tin and TetraPak), Moça Light, Moça de Colher and the entire Moça Doceria line, which includes Brigadeiro, Beijinho and Chocolate Cremoso.

“It is a pride to have FCB Brasil‘s portfolio, a product loved by all and for many generations, that makes our challenge much bigger,” says Aurélio Lopes, president of FCB Brasil and chairman of Latin America.