In The News Translations – 2/21/17

Promoview and Meio & Mensagem share that Doll Machines featuring FCB Brasil‘s “NIVEA Doll” will be made available in São Paulo during carnival season.




NIVEA installs NIVEA Doll machines in São Paulo


After winning several trophies at national and international advertising festivals, the “NIVEA Doll” case presents another novelty to the public.


During the carnival period, the brand will spread Doll Machines in Greater São Paulo and along the coast. The proposal follows the same concept as toy catching machines and will be packed with products from the NIVEA Doll family.


To get access to the machine and try to catch one of the dolls, you will need to buy one of the NIVEA Sun products . The action takes place from February 17 to March 5, 2017.


Created by FCB Brasil, the “NIVEA Doll” case, which sought to help adults communicate the importance of sun care to children, has won eight Lions at the Cannes Lions Festival and a Blue Wave, a special trophy for the Wave Festival in Rio.



“Love Connection” by FCB Milan for EasyJet shows that love has no boundaries, say YouMark, Advertiser and Engage.




FCB Milan Introduces Love Connection, the New International Project for EasyJet


“Love has no boundaries is the creative idea behind the basis of the ‘Love Connection’ campaign. After over a year of collaboration, it has been a pleasure to launch such a challenging project,” says Fabio Teodori, executive creative director of FCB Milan.


With “Love Connection,” the agency signed an international project with Italy, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal involved. With EasyJet, couples celebrated their relationships in their own away on Valentine’s day thanks to a flight received as a gift through a competition. Lucy, who lives in London, was able to meet the boyfriend Steffen in Copenhagen.


The video about the initiative is available online. “People are now no longer interested in the advertisement, but the stories and that’s why, even when talking about a brand, they must always do it with authentic stories that can touch a chord,” added Susanna Revoltella, head of planning.


“It was a great opportunity and we would have it exploited to the fullest, exporting our idea even abroad, for an Italian agency, is not a trivial matter,” says Giorgia Francescato, executive vice president of FCB Milan.



El Publicista, Ad Latina, Mobile Outdoor Magazine, Mercado Negro, Revista Neo and Revista Creativa showcase “Speed Dating” by FCB Mexico for Bissú Cosméticos.




BISSÚ and FCB Mexico demonstrate the power of makeup


Beauty standards are increasingly criticized worldwide. BISSÚ, a Mexican cosmetics brand that has been in the market for 25 years, defies the rules and encourages women to create, explore and reinvent themselves, with its slogan “Make It Up.”


On the last day of love and friendship, BISSÚ carried out an experiment with a clear purpose: makeup has the power to transform, while you have the power to have fun with it.


BISSÚ “Speed ​​Dating” is a digital campaign that is in social networks and in a short time has seen over 60,000 visits.


The Matchmakers, a fast dating company, helped BISSU carry it out. They invited 10 men and 7 women, giving them 7 minutes to meet. The nature of quick dating is the possibility of meeting many women. But what if three women who rotate for your place were really the same?


Adriana Llabres , a professional actress, was in charge of confusing our victim David and appeared 3 times as if it were 3 different women.


This project was developed jointly with FCB Mexico, under the creative leadership of Humberto Polar, who commented “The extensive portfolio and quality of BISSÚ offers the opportunity to transcend the power of makeup, stop being simply decorative to fun. Our challenge was to encourage consumers to create different versions of themselves, literally; and with this case we prove that it can! ”




FCB Zürich‘s “Radiant Children’s Eyes” for Helsana and the Foundation Theodora won Best Campaign in the Society Category and Second Place in the Audience Category of the Swiss Sponsorship Awards, according to Horizont.




FCB Zürich for “Radiant Children’s Eyes”


The jurors of the Swiss Sponsorship Awards honored the FCB Zürich campaign for Helsana and the Foundation Theodora as the best sponsorship campaign in the “Society” category.


The campaign, with which Helsana supports the Foundation Theodora, has also touched the jurors of the Swiss Sponsorship Award with more than 2.1 million views. The audience was also deeply moved by the heart-warming commitment of Helsana and the case won second place in the category Audience Award.




Eric Descombes, president of FCB Mexico, explains how the agency grew 1000% last year, feature Revista Creativa, Expansion, Merca 2.0, Emprendedores Tech, Latin Spots, ProduEl Publicista, MultiPress, La Jornada, Mobile Outdoor Magazine, Dinero en Imagen and Promomark.




Eric Descombes Presents FCB Marketing Cloud

According to a Pricewaterhouse (PwC) study on entertainment and media consumption, it reveals that of the 13 segments analyzed in 54 countries- in Mexico the trend in the Entertainment and Media Market towards 2020 is headed by access to the Internet, which will grow at an annual rate of 5.5%; Followed by television and video, with an annual growth of 4.1% and third place television advertising with an increase of 4.6% per year. While these trends materialize the study, it has also identified key changes that are occurring in each of the dimensions of the entertainment and media landscape. These include demography, competition, consumption, geography, and business models.

Eric Descombes president of FCB Mexico, who has a background in technology, commented that in the face of these changes FCB Mexico has gone one step further.
• It has transformed its Agency model to a dynamic one focused on the process that leads to the growth of sales and goals of its clients.
• It is worth highlighting the Creative license that Humberto Polar generated for this platform that is unique.

Eric Descombes presented the FCB Marketing Cloud, a successful model that in less than a year has allowed them to grow more than 1000%. Incorporating 10 new brands into its client portfolio in 2016.

This model is made up of 100% creative creative business strategists. Those who are based on a new work process where the brief moves from a role to a collaborative team with the client. This allows them to accelerate up to 6 times the delivery of campaigns, radically increases the creation of business solutions, ideas and gives better business results and positioning to its customers. In addition, its technology integrates predictive analytics and dynamic creativity. This creates more effective and segmented communication campaigns.

• How does it work? Integrating technology, strategy and creativity. The center is the team.

He emphasized that talent is the most important pillar of the company. He commented that last year FCB Mexico obtained the certification on gender equity granted by Victoria 147 which has become a reference on an international and local level, since they have managed to balance their areas. For example, in the Creative area, the positions as Content Provider that Ana Noriega, Ursula de la Sotta, Chantal Suárez and Daniela Zalzman occupy stand out.

The company’s Leadership Team, Humberto Polar chief creative officer of FCB Mexico and regional creative director of FCB Latin America, Rocío Fernández, Planning Director, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, Finance Director, Lourdes Sánchez, Director of Corporate Communication, Antonieta Cruz, Human Resources Manager also attended the presentation.


MadisonBoom, AD-CN, V Marketing China, China PR, waaaat, Digitown and DoMarketing announce that WM Motor appoints FCB Shanghai as its agency of record.




WM Motor Appoints FCB to be Responsible for Creative Business


After a series of intense pitching, FCB Shanghai eventually became the WM Motor of the annual brand agents. The collaboration between the two sides will start with the brand structure, for WM Motor to establish a complete brand system, as well as products and services integrated marketing communication.


WM Motor was established in 2012, and is a mainstream intelligent pure electric car, committed to providing Chinese consumers with comprehensive, convenient and comfortable travel experience. At present WM Motor already has more than 300 people on the core team, respectively, in Shanghai, Germany, Beijing and Chengdu.


“The future of travel is a highly competitive category, and how to create unique values ​​and differentiated images for the brand in a complex communication environment is what we have been doing,” said Michael, director of WM Motor’s car brand. We also hope that with the FCB Shanghai in the brand strategy on a rich experience and accurate grasp of consumer insight for the WM Motor car to create a competitive brand image.




FCB Milan is the new creative agency for The Green Line Agricultural Society’s
DimmidiSì brand, features Pubblicità Italia




FCB Milan is the New Agency for DimmidiSì


FCB Milan has been chosen by The Green Line Agricultural Society as the communication agency for their brand DimmidiSì, the leading brand in the field of fresh soups and a market leader in ready to eat salads.


“We are very pleased to begin this collaboration for the DimmidiSì brand that perfectly interprets the new consumer behaviors in terms of consumption of vegetables, combining perfectly the needs of consumers related to their welfare, taste and sensory gratification due to the growing demand for consumer convenience. It will be a great challenge for all of us to bring the brand to the great success it deserves,” said Giorgia Francescato, executive vice president of FCB Milan.


“Ten years after the birth of DimmidiSì we felt the need for change. We begin this new collaboration confident that it will give a new impetus to creative and modern communication of the brand based on an acute and strong strategic vision,” said Elena Tiziana Iori, communications manager of The Green Line Agricultural Society. In addition to soups and salads, DimmidiSì offers fruit, drinks, main courses, side dishes and fresh burger and ready to be enjoyed.