In The News Translations 1/3/17

FCB Shanghai‘s “Oreo Vinyl” work for Oreo is nominated as one of the Best Ads in 2016 by Jie Mian.



Recommended by 6: Leung Pang Chao W + K Shanghai creative director

Recommended works: Oreo cookies record

Creative organization: FCB Shanghai


Recommended reason: this advertising work reminds me of life in the advertising industry. After reading this work, I, a 42-year-old boy had to eat a hundred pieces of Oreo’s out of impulse. If you think about it, a small biscuit turned into a wonderful record of music, how wonderful it is.

Annual Summary: I’ve noticed a lot of changes in the brand over time. Brands are doing their best to please the consumers, they organize large and small promotional activities, provide more discounts, develop more mobile applications to get closer to the consumer. But many consumers really need is a reason to impress their hearts, one of the reasons why you choose not to choose another brand. I think the brand offers consumers what they think consumers want, but they gradually forget to tell consumers what their brand is, what it means.