In The News Translations – 11/8/17

FCB Brasil’s newest campaign for Clube de Criação celebrates the site’s 15th anniversary, debut Clube OnlinePortal Fator Brasil and Adonline.


15 years of command + tab Clube

Clube Online celebrates anniversary and wins FCB campaign

No clichés or call to actions. Completely distorted, the new signature of the site of Clube de Criação, Clube Online, is a digital code.

“15 years of command + tab Clube” is the picture of a habit very common among advertisers, who always work with a window of their computers opened in the Clube.

The new subscription is part of the celebrations of the site, which in 2017 turns 15, and is scheduled to debut this Tuesday, November 7.

Launched in 2002 by journalist Laís Prado, who has been the editor-in-chief of the site since then, Clube Online is one of the most accessed and loved by advertisers, advertisers, suppliers, communication students and advertising stakeholders, in general, who want to see news there and holes on the market, in addition to his own works, and his colleagues’ works.

“We reproduce a more usual behavior – the command + tab – that allows us to change from one internet window to another, one of which is usually that of the Clube,” says Joanna Monteiro, FCB Brasil‘s chief creative officer. Stop checking the site between one job and another.

Created and produced within the agency itself, following the “Makers” concept of FCB Brasil, the campaign consists, in addition to the creation of the signature, of eight 20-inch fillets each, banners and pieces for Facebook.

“The most interesting thing about this campaign is that it comes out completely from the obvious, using a practice of readers as inspiration for the brand’s signature,” comments Fernando Campos, former Clube president, who approved the campaign.


Title: Command Tab Clube

Product: Clube de Criação

Agency: FCB Brasil

Chief Creative Officer: Joanna Monteiro

Executive Creative Director: Fabio Simões

Creative Director: Romero Cavalcanti

Art Director: Rafael Beretta, Yan Esteves, Juliana Utsch

Editor: Ricardo Porto, Sofia Calvit

Customer Service: Elton Longhi, Pedro Fuhrer, Vanessa Hannud

RTV: Charles Nobili, Ricardo Magozo, Pedro Lazzuri, Mariana Golpian and Natasha Zaminiani.

Graphic Production: João Albertini and Daniela Fonseca

Edition and Finalization: Dudu Doria

Customer Approval: Fernando Campos

FCB Global Chief Creative Officer Susan Credle is featured in Programa Publicidad and LatinSpots about her upcoming speaking role at El Ojo de Iberoamérica.


#ElOjo2017 begins with Roca de Viñals, Jesús Revuelta and Eva Santos

El Ojo 2017 begins. The first day of activities at El Ojo 2017 will begin at 9:20 a.m. with the conference “Advertising for which people pay to see,” by independent professional Jesús Revuelta, who will delve into the changes that crosses the creative industry in times where users are invaded by advertising messages. At 10:00 a.m., will be the turn of Proximity Worldwide Chief Creative Officer and Proximity Spain Creative Director, Eva Santos, who will give the conference “Taylor vs. El Rey Arturo.”

At 12:00 noon will be the turn of José Marìa Roca de Viñals, VP and CCO of DDB Spain and member of the Creative Board of DDB Americas and DDB’s Worldwide Creative Council, who will explain why advertising creatives should not stop their ego in “We are Rockstars (no one takes that away from us).”

The first of the workshops of the twentieth anniversary of El Ojo will be provided by the creator of #Squoosh Visual Agency and will take place beginning in the afternoon (2:00 p.m.). Sponsored by Copileidy, the workshop will revolve around “How to Excite and Make People Love Your Actions” –  a journey whose goal is that those present can incorporate some of the most effective tools that brands have to reach stronger relationships with their consumers. Half an hour later, the following workshop will take place: “The 6 commandments of influencer marketing. Stand out from the crowd,” in which Sergio Teubal, CEO and Founder of Orishinal, Silvana Frenquel, Head of Talent of Orishinal, Magnus Mefisto, VJ and Youtuber, and the photographer and Instagramer Agustín Piluso will approach, from a multidisciplinary perspective, the keys to standing out among the competition in the most original and visually attractive way.

Starting at 2:40 pm, Marcelo Waintraub, Creative General Director of Havas Buenos Aires, and Agustín Porris, Creative General Director of HOY by Havas, will take the stage to present “30 minutes is an eternity,” a conference where they will share the philosophy of Havas and their work, so that brands can gain the trust of their audience. For his part, after 15 minutes at 3 p.m., Ciro Sarmiento will share his experiences of transformation and will talk about the new business models for the advertising industry in “Realismo Mágico,” a conference about his almost 20 years of experience as a creative in the United States and Latin America.

Global Creative Chairman of Gray will be on the scene immediately after Sarmiento and, in an interview with LatinSpots, said that in his speech (“Change will not come from those who behave”) will seek to “open the eyes of the people” to show that “everything is difficult, but once you achieve it, it is a great satisfaction.”

Finally, before the awards ceremony, Saneel Radia, Global Head of Business Transformation for R / GA will close. His conference, “A mind designed for business,” will address the keys to helping customers develop new business models and devise brand strategies to adapt to the Age of Connectivity.

Closing the day, at 7:45 p.m., the awards gala will announce the winners of El Ojo Local: Best Ideas of Each Country, The Eye Graphic Production, The Eye Audiovisual Production, The Eye Design, The Sustainable Eye, The Eye PR and The Middle Eye.

Thursday, November 9

The second day of El Ojo 2017 will begin at 9:45 a.m. with the conference of Dylan Williams, President of LSD Live Argentina, called “The Consumer’s Eye.” A quarter of an hour later, the Círculo de Creativos will come on stage and, together with their main figures from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the United States, they will discuss the most important challenges and opportunities of an association that knows no borders.

McCann will step on stage at 11 a.m. with the conference “Chavo y su commando,” a talk that will feature Chavo D’Emilio, President of McCann Buenos Aires and Creative General Director of McCann Worldgroup Latin America and the Caribbean, Samuel Estrada, General Manager and Creative VP of McCann Colombia and Christian Caldwell and Mauricio Fernández Maldonado, Creative Vice Presidents of McCann Lima. The most important creatives of McCann in the region will share their knowledge and vision about the challenges presented by the industry in the regional market.

After the morning, at 12 p.m., Geometry Global’s Chief Creative Officer for Latin America, Juan José Posada, will share his passion for creativity and talk about the current panorama of transformation that advertising around the world is experiencing in his conference “Members from the band. No groupies.” After this chapter of the festival, it will be the turn of Bruno Stagnaro, Film Director, Pablo Cullel, Director of Content and Production of Underground Productions, Mariano Cesar, Vice President and General of TNT and Ariel Staltari, actor and musician, who will present “The new collaborative models in the creation of content” (based on the case of the series “Un Gallo para Esculapio”).

At 2 p.m. is the workshop “Give me some data” (only for registered), by the President of 180bytwo Juan Becerra, where he will delve into the latest in online advertising and programmatic advertising. After the workshop, Wunderman’s Global Chief Creative Officer, Lincoln Bjorkman, responsible for the global creative strategy of the agency and managing the creative process through more than 170 offices in 60 countries, will present: “Emotional Data: Why Creativity Matters More Than Ever.” Finally, at 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., respectively, it will be the turn of Chairman and Partner of CP + B, Chuck Porter, and the Chief Creative Officer of FCB, Susan Credle: speakers who will address “Some Things That I Have Learned About Making Brands Famous” and “What Brought You Here Will Not Take You There,” two safety pins that collect everything learned through years of experience in the advertising industry.

At 7:45 p.m., there will be the awards ceremony, where the winners of El Ojo Local Performance will be announced, The Interactive Eye, The Mobile Eye, The Digital Production Eye, The Eye Promo, The Direct Eye, The Eye Innovation, The Eye Sports and The Eye Creative Data.

Friday, November 10

The last day of the festival will open with the conference “Activating the purpose of your brand” by Malena Cutuli, Global Head of Integrated Brand Communications & Capability at Shell, and Fernando Vega Olmos, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Picnic, who in an interview with LatinSpots, advanced that they will talk about in “How to build a modern brand and do it seriously.”

Renato Fernandez, Chief Creative Officer of TBWAChiatDay, will begin his lecture “The Brazilian Little Way” at 10:50 a.m., where he will talk about the future of creatives and his professional leap from the market of his country to the international map. Tim Harris, Service Design Lead for Hispanic South America will follow immediately after Fernandez with “Convergence and the Creative,” a space where he explains why he believes that “the main challenge is to connect different areas of a business,” where, according to his opinion, “there are still silos that have to be united.”

The conference that follows, “Shuffle and give again. Rethink the industry in the world of digital transformation,” will have a panel integrated by Bruno Rovagnati, SVP & Managing Director of R / GA SS Latam, Ezequiel Arslanian, Managing Director of Accenture Interactive for South America Hispana, Juan Pablo Jurado, CEO of Wunderman LATAM and President of Wunderman Buenos Aires and Germán Yunes, CEO of Geometry Global, being moderated by the CEO of Young & Rubicam Argentina, Santiago Olivera.

Chacho Puebla, Partner and Chief Creative Officer at LOLA MullenLowe, will make his entrance at 3:30 p.m. with his lecture “Neither very very nor so-so. A couple of thoughts about the death of black and white or the decline of determinism.” Thus, the creative from Mendoza will reflect on the current situation of the advertising industry and his professional experience, as well as working for national, Latin American and global clients.

The last conference on Friday and the entire festival, “Selling what is sold alone: ​​20 years of Coca-Cola communication,” will have Guillermo Giménez and Brotons, IMC Director / South Latin Business Unit of Coca-Cola as speakers , Martín Mercado, Founder of Market McCann and Sebastian Wilhem, Founder and Creative Strategist of Santo, who will address the keys that made possible (and enable) the implementation of the new marketing strategy of Coca-Cola.

Finally, at 7:45 p.m., the final awards ceremony will take place, at which time the corresponding medals will be delivered to the following categories: El Ojo Vía Pública, El Ojo Radio, El Ojo Gráfica, Idea Latina for the World, El Ojo Integrated Campaigns, The Third Eye, The Film Eye, The Efficacy Eye, The Content Eye and The Eye Performance of Iberoamérica.