In The News Translations – 11/6/17

Media GuideRe-port and Advis reveal FCB Moscow’s latest campaign for Rosbank.


With Rosbank life will be easier

Agency FCB has developed a creative concept with the advertising campaign “Easy Life”

Rosbank launched a new advertising campaign called “Easy Life,” to promote the service of refinancing loans – a creative concept developed by the agency FCB Moscow.

The idea is based on the image of a giant balloon, which is a symbol of inconvenient loan rates. From the first frame of the video you can see that the ball takes up too much space in the life of the hero. Wherever it may turn out to be – in a car, theater, airplane or shopping center – the ball follows it unceasingly, limiting its actions and desires. To get rid of this unbearable burden, the hero goes to Rosbank and refinances his huge ball into a small, light and comfortable ball.

The main task was to convey to the audience the huge, “inconvenient” interest on the loan – this is not a verdict. Thanks to refinancing loans from Rosbank, interest rates are getting smaller, which means that it becomes much easier to live.

The new advertising campaign for Rosbank will be shown on TV and online. The video can be seen on the official YouTube channel of Rosbank and FCB Moscow.



Elena Kozhadej – Director, Department of Corporate Communications and Advertising

Anastasia Zhilina – Head of Advertising Department

Anna Solodova – Senior Manager, Advertising Department

Olga Konyushkova – Head of Marketing, Communications and Research Department

Natalia Khmelevskaya – Head of Marketing, Communications Department

FCB Moscow (creative)

Eugene Radewych (Eugene Radewych) – Chief Creative Director, IPG

Daniele Pancetti – Creative Director

Anna Obraztsova – Copywriter

Ekaterina Biryukova – Art Director

Shilpa Sinha (Shilpa Sinha) – Director of Strategic Planning

Maria Lebezkaya – Director, Group on Work with Clients

Ekaterina Kudryashova – Senior Account Manager

Maxim Kopyshev – Head of TV and Digital Production Department

DTVMA (production)

Elena Pechko – General Producer

Victoria Rusanova – Linear Producer

Yaroslav Peger – Director

Ivan Lebedev – Operator

Denis Sokolov – Second Director

Daria Seslavinskaya – Post-Production Producer

FCB Afirma earned a Print Award in honor of its Stella Valentine’s Day campaign at the 2017 Kaktus Awards, note Blic, Marketing Magazin and Media Marketing.


Kaktus Awards 2017

Marketing network was awarded last night by organizations, companies, institutions and agencies for the highest quality and most professional individual and integrated campaigns at the third national festival of integrated communications KAKTUS 2017. As many as 124 projects applied this year.

The NEO agency Leo Burnett and Vip Mobile won the award in the Profit Integrated Campaign category as well as the Grand Prix – Integrated Campaign of the Year. The same agency won the prize in the category of Individual Works – TV for Vip Brzalice campaign, while Vip Mobile was declared the Advertiser of the Year.

McCann Belgrade, for the third time in a row, won the recognition of Agency of the Year. In addition, the agency won awards in categories Content Integrated Campaign for the project Pirulovci (client: Froneri Adriatic), Innovative Integrated Campaign for the project democrARisation (client: Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade) and Individual Works – Viral Video for Project with Glory No Jokes (client: Carlsberg Serbia).

In the Individual Works category – the Radio Prize went to the agency Communis DDB and Imlek for the My Kravica Triangle Project, while in the Individual Prints Award category, it was awarded to FCB Afirma and Apatin Brewery for the Stella Valentine’s Day ad.

Hemofarm Foundation and Saatchi & amp; Saatchi won the prize in the Individual Works category – BTL for the campaign The Most Important Call in Life. Campaigns ensure the future of the agency represent communications and the Association of Insurers of Serbia was awarded the prize in the category Individual Works – PR.

The best Social Media and Digital campaign was announced the project Better Hang in Guarana than on the Branch, which was designed and implemented by the agency Pioniri Communications and company Knjaz Miloš.

The BIB Bend Campaign for Children Banca Intesa and the Right Agency won the Individual Category – Internal Communications category, while the Best Event in the past year was Trag in the Bottle, sales at Koci Agency Homepage and Coca-Cola HBC Serbia.

The project Čoko Milk Interactive Coloring Company Direct Media and company Imlek was declared the winner in the category Individual Works – Mobile. In the Individual Works category – Content Marketing Award went to the agencies Degordian and Nectar for the Nectar Buzz launch campaign.

The Jelena Campaign with one horn of Popular Communications Agency and Apatinska Pivara Company won the award in two categories – for the best Non-Profit Integrated Campaign and Creative Media Use.

FCB Brasil secured Bronze at the 2017 Ciclope Awards for its “Corruption Converter” campaign for Estadão Newspaper, according to Clube Online.


The organization of the Ciclope Awards announces the winners of the 2017 edition

Check out the winning Brazilian works below:

Branded Content/Short Form

Custom Design

Bronze: Brasil Africa Mitsubishi, Saigon Filmes Brazil

Branded Content/Long Form


Gold: Dream Wildlife Conversation Film Festival, DDB NY, Zombie Studio Brazil


Silver: Brazil Grow Frances, Le Cube Le Cube, Ralph Karam Pablo Kongratas and Sergio Kechu Universal Music UK

Digital Craft

Website Design

Bronze: The Corruption Converter, FCB Brasil, Estadão Newspaper Brazil

See below for the special awards awarded by the Festival:

Production Company of the Year: SMUGGLER

Director of the Year: Henry-Alex Rubin

Animation Company of the Year: The Mill

Visual Effects Company of the Year: MPC

Editing Company of the Year: NO6

Sound Company of the Year: ArtOfficial Agency

Music Company of the Year: Ring the Alarm

Digital Company of the Year: MediaMonks

Agency of the Year: BBDO NY

FCB Amsterdam took home Bronze at the Effie Awards Netherlands on behalf of client NIVEA, report Marketing TribuneFonkEventsMarketing FuelAdformatie and Marketing Online.


Golden Effies for Wake Up Animal and Doritos

It’s not all gold that blinks at the 34th edition of the Dutch Effie Awards. Only two campaigns won a golden Effie: the wrecking campaign of “Wakker Dier” and “Play Bold” by Doritos. Silver was awarded to NS and the Heart Foundation. In addition, there were cheers for twelve bronze Effies and, moreover, a new prize: the “LEFfie” for a KPN and N=5 vlog campaign.

The Effies were presented on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 in Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw, as the final of the 24Festival. Presently, Tijl Beckand sometimes flown in, not to everyone’s pleasure. The winners were no less happy about it.

Social Campaign

Gold: How the plopper extends in the supermarket – Stichting Wakker Dier – (including MacGyver, Patrick Wijnhoven, Peter van der Helm, Studio the Kitchen, 2x value)

Silver: Mouth, Speech, Arm. Stroke alarm! – Heart Foundation – 180 Kingsday (I’m We Are Blossom, Initiative)

Bronze: To save a life. You have it in you – Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport – Publicis One (IE exprtease, OMD)

How Vlogger Evert_45 brings to life life stories – KPN – N=5

Behavioral Campaign (Short)

Bronze: WE x Nina – WE Fashion – Endemol Shine Netherlands (ie RTL Netherlands)

Bronze: OHRA makes free care choice the theme of the care season – OHRA – Joe Public Take-Away Advertising (i.m. Universal Media)

Bronze: neighbor and neighbor show a boost – Eneco – Dawn (ie Mindshare, Blue Mango Interactive, Anyone?)

Bronze: Other Care – Care for #deleven – Other Care – XXS Amsterdam

Bronze: How a sympathetic Valentine’s action yields unprecedented results for Samsung –Samsung Electronics Benelux – StoryTEQ (i.m. Boomerang)

Behavioral Campaign (Long)

Bronze: Waarom Nederlandse mensen hun online bike kopen – Internationale Bike Group – Joe Public Take-Away Advertising (i.m. Media Result B.V.)

Bronze: The Maestro. McDonald’s masterpiece – McDonald’s The Netherlands B.V. – TBWA \ Neboko (i.m. OMD)

Bronze: BEN – From little relevant more (2014) to self-conscious of now (2017) – Ben – Red Urban (I’m Databook, DPPLR, Initiative, Holy Fools)

Bronze: Flexa – Square behind your color choice – AkzoNobel Decorative Coatings – Achtung! (i.m. RTL)

Bronze: The most beautiful gift for your mom, make yourself with NIVEA – Beiersdorf – FCB Amsterdam (IEC MEC)

Brand Campaign

Gold: Doritos #playbold – PepsiCo – OMD (I’m Divimove, Fitzroy)

Silver: How NS’s railromantics made a successful brand – Dutch Railways (NS) – N=5

Bronze: Volkswagen Brand Trust – Pon’s Automobile Trade B.V.

New this year is the “LEFfie” – an independent prize separate from the Golden, Silver and Bronze Effies. The LEFfie is an encouragement award for renewal.

Mary Hoogerbrugge, member of the Effie Steering Committee: “A look at the entries this year gives a good idea of ​​what we are doing.”

The “Behavior Short” category had seventeen cases – the most entries, “Behavior Long” had thirteen entries, and the “Brand” category also included cases. A total of 50 cases were sent.

Read more about all winning cases on

FCB Montevideo’s spot for Microfin is highlighted in El Observador as a standout piece in the running at this year’s Campana de Oro Awards.


Campanas de Oro: What Are the Favorite Pieces of the Publicists?

A selection of candidates to shine

Four advertising works stand out this year with clarity as favorites to obtain recognition at the Campanas de Oro contest, whose award ceremony takes place on Friday night at the LATU, organized by the Chamber of Advertisers of Uruguay.

As he does each year for the special Campanas de Oro supplement, El Observador consulted the local publicists themselves about their favorite pieces, both their own and those of others, that they consider to be strong candidates to shine at the Campanas de Oro.

This year, there were 30 organizations that participated in the survey, among agencies and producers. In the first place of the favorites stood “We Are All Women,” from the Agency Amen for UN Women, and with a triple tie in second place “Dad is an Idol,” with the soccer player Diego Godín for ANTEL and made by Rapp Ginkgo; “Festival starts with FE” from the Larsen Agency for Cinemateca and “Messi Andate” for Portal 180, from the agency Grey.

Next, the highlighted pieces and all the argumentations of the agencies.

Own: “We are all women” for UN Women

“It reached more than 42 million views, we believe that it can be considered the most important work and that it should achieve the highest recognition, it was already recognized in the most important festival in the world, which is Cannes and it was Gold in Desachate.”

From another: “Nix View” for Nix de Havas Gurisa.

The idea proposed to the consumers to play to discover neighbors and acquaintances in the photos of the Google platform to obtain prizes, making tangible in a fun and meaningful way the message of the brand. Of those ideas that give envy that occurred to another, specifically to Havas.


Own: “Jugá for a better future” for Mosca

“At the age of three, the girls begin to believe that there are games that are not for them…We wanted to help change that reality from the very point of sale with a selection of 200 STEM toys in all the country’s venues.”

From another: “Multiloco” from Thompson Corporation for Conaprole.

“Because before, a brief that could be super boring and after many years of somewhat monotonous communication in the category, a funny piece was achieved that erases the limits between what is the language of TV and that of online video.”


Own“Arrorró” for the Kangaroo Foundation

“It was a real joy to be able to collaborate with the cause of the Foundation from our place by creating and producing, together with a great team of professionals and artists, a very special arrorró.”

From another: “UN Women” for Amen

“A very good piece that aims to raise awareness among the population about the consequences of violence against women.”


Own: “Cuida la vida” for Gobierno de Canelones

“Road poster of the security campaign in transit, where the devil and the angel ‘fight’ to dominate the accelerator, a direct message to the target at the precise moment.”

From another: “Wine Festival for English Store” for Amen

“Making the cover of a cuatetero hit with the formality of the choir was a good break, the production and acting rounded out the humor to make a very nice and funny piece.”


Own: “We Are All Women”

“A very good idea, the execution process was very rigorous.”

From another: “Everything Starts at Home” for BHU de Cámara. “It reaches the heart, effective and honest.”

Own: “Nudes” for Stadium

“It manages to capture the new concept of the brand through a campaign of high impact, assuming diversity as a positive value.”

From another: “We are all women” for UN Women Amen.

“It’s an advertisement that seeks awareness on a complex issue through a simple idea and a clear message.”


Own: “Human Billboards” for SAMSUNG

“A new support with unique characteristics that generates a high impact.”

From another: “Messi, Walk” for Portal 180

“A representative piece of current communication, where an opportunity was seen and acted quickly.”


Own: “Medianeras” for McDonald’s

“We had two posters in two symmetrical buildings, so we gave the residents the opportunity to make a decision, we called an extraordinary assembly of co-owners, to vote on which hamburger was on each poster, after obviously testing them. new launch, the result: the most practical and fun co-owner meetings of all.”

From another: “Papa is Your Idol” (with Godín) for ANTEL, by Rapp Ginkgo

“A piece that undoubtedly connected with the audience they were aiming at, sure that every father touched the fibers.”


Own: “We Are All Chefs” for Ottonello

“We had the challenge of putting a giant like Ottonello back into the conversation, just in the year of the launch of Master Chef Uruguay, creating a campaign that seeks to show Ottonello what it is: quality at the service of Uruguayan cuisine, a kitchen in which anyone is the chef of their own food.”

From another: “#LosImproAvisadores,” for El Gallito Luis de Young & Rubicam

“It was very funny, they are different pieces for a very traditional product, they are also recurrent and even use the mockery of the sales system that is known worldwide.”


Own: “Put What Matters” for the Canary Islands

“We are looking for a new format that will inspire pride in the Uruguayans, and we believe that the people responded very positively, it is a very local campaign and it breathes authenticity”

From another: “Papa is Your Idol” (with Godín) for Antel by Rapp Grinkgo. “It’s another ‘bell-like’ idea, everybody liked it and it’s a good achievement to make people get excited with a football player as a central figure.”


Own: “I Tell You Because You Are You” for FM Ocean

“It was a different direct marketing action that surprised and stood out within the traditional commercial proposals, the action communicated in an exclusive and novel way to the ‘friendly clients’ of Océano FM the new 2017 programming, in a year in which the destination of the station was uncertain for many.”

From another: “Game of a single life” for Banco de Seguros of the State of Young & Rubicam. “It shows how, through a playful and simple-looking action, it can be arrived at with a sobering message and as important as road safety, without falling into common places.”

FCB Montevideo

Own: “Microfin Efectivo” for Microfin

“It meant a nice challenge to be a brand that spoke for the first time and in a super competitive category, we had to quickly generate a piece of high impact, achieving remembrance, with a campaign that had to be massive and close to the target audience.”

From another: “Festival starts with FÉ” for Cinemateca de Larsen. “It’s a piece that has given a lot to talk about and that luckily will continue to be part of our daily landscape for much longer.”


Own: “Falls” for Automobile Club of Uruguay

“For the quality of its execution and for the point-of-view from which the campaign communicates.”

From another: “We Are All Women” for Amen

“For finding an absolute truth that works to raise awareness of the problem and for a perfect execution.”


Own: “Heladerita Pilsen” for Pilsen

“It’s a simple idea, with great viral potential and that puts the product at the center of the issue using technology in a fresh way.”

From another: “Charlá Chaná” by Publicitis Impetu. “It’s an intelligent, mature idea, relevant as an advertising campaign and as a cultural content.”


Own: “A Miracle for My Mom” for Conaprole

“It’s an online action – traditional media that gave mothers of Uruguay the opportunity to see their children at the central time nothing less than in their day.”

From another: “Papa is Your Idol” (with Godín) for ANTEL by Rapp Grinkgo “Because it gives a twist to the hidden camera resource, it uses the soccer player differently in advertising, and the end result accomplishes complicity on a date that is increasingly difficult to achieve.”


Own: “Go From Story to Account” for Scotiabank Go

“We generated different situations on TV where a group of friends passed bills on old debts by appealing to the ‘stories’ they did not pay for, which made people in digital create their own ‘stories’ and involve their friends, material with which we carry out radio, press and public roads.”

From another: “Falls” for Automobile Club del Uruguay de Gray.

“It was achieved a great execution of a very good idea, through an excellent work of art.”


Own: “Virtual Bar for Gripper” for Gripper

“It’s a digital experience of a shipping company, but in a different context, where the user can interact with the brand and live part of the service in a fun way without the need to move.”

From another: “Messi, Walk” for Portal 180

“For two reasons we think it’s an attractive piece, one because the launch of the campaign was at an opportune time, on the other hand, we worked very well on the irony of the letter, valuing Messi as a soccer player and as a person.”


Own: “Tarjeta Volar” for Banco Itaú

“It was a huge challenge and a wonderful experience, it went through all the media, from the social media to the mass media, back and forth, more than 10,000 groups were submitted to the casting and finally, having carried out the campaign traveling with a real family, perfection the spirit of Flying.”

From another: “Festival Starts with FÉ” for Cinemateca de Larsen

“It was one of the actions that generated the most impact in the year, it is a beautiful piece that embellishes the city with art, it is profound in its analysis and had excellent results, one that one envies with love.”


Own: “We are Ocean”

“We wanted to create a piece of collective construction where the round trip with the audience is shown, the team work and the radio has a unique way of doing radio … the inclusion and vision of the great Ocean team achieved a piece that generates a sense of belonging and pride.”

From another: “Bringing happiness back to the drivers” of the TBWA Chamber.” “Very good insight, excellent execution, it captures the attention during the minute and a half of duration, it is a format thought and developed for the environment, it was viralized organically, it generates remembrance and anchorage in brand values.”


Own: “Safety Table” for Say Cheese

“He manages to conjugate several edges of the work of Patria as creative thinking, strategic, execution, in addition, that solved a real need of the client and connected in an original way with his target audience (something very important for a brand that is taking its first steps in the world of communication).”

From another: “We are all women” for UN Women of Amen

“It’s an idea that had a high impact on people both locally and internationally, and on a conceptual level, it’s very strong and its execution is top-notch.”


Own: “#MontecableNeverPony

“Starting from the idea of ​​escaping the draw, we invite all the fans of the celestial to participate in a harangue for our players, using as a trigger Serafín Dengra, the most famous and viral motivator of WhatsApp, let’s spread the slogan so that fans of Montecable share their harangue to win double tickets to the Uruguay vs Argentina match.”

From another: “We Are All Chefs” for Cardinal Ottonello.

“At an art level, it’s incredible, and conceptually it’s based on a very strong insight, which shows that each of us has our way of preparing food, which closes perfectly with commercials.”


Own: “Whatsampling” for Prudence condoms

“The brand intervenes on an event that went viral through WhatsApp, external to it, and brings it to reality, in this way we seek to surprise people and enhance communication with the public to whom the product is directed. digital world and we made it integral.”

From another: “We Are All Women” for UN Women of Amen

“It is very well produced and has a strong concept that starts from a very interesting observation, for us that finding is the most interesting audiovisual.”


Own: “Funerary Jupiter” for Jupiter

“It’s a campaign that convinced us from day one with the client, who worked very well, who achieved the objective of giving visibility and interaction to the brand and for which we developed a huge amount of content for social networks beyond the media traditional, a very detailed campaign in each of the materials we made.”

From another: “We Are All Women” for UN Women of Amen

“Part of a simple, direct, very obvious concept, so obvious that it was there and we had not seen it before, and the execution and its narrative drama ends up closing a super complete piece, with a level different from the rest of what we usually see in our midst.”

Own: “Emoticons”
 for Movistar

“It’s a 360 campaign, with multiple executions in different media, in addition to the TV that is the most massive, there are a number of ideas that are part of the campaign and have been executed with great success in digital media, mobile, etc.”

From another: “We Are All Women” for UN Women of Amen

“It’s a piece of TV very well done, it has a very strong idea and deserves recognition at the Festival.”


Own: “Ovation Radios” for El País

“Because it is born of something that all parents live today, and we feel sad that we cannot live it like when we were children, and above all, it is a kind of violence that nobody talks about.”

From another: “Medianeras” for Mc Donald’s of Cámara TBWA.

“Because it’s an idea that was always there but for some reason nobody had thought of it, very good.”


Own: “Memories of Skin” for Dove

“It was a comprehensive project of the entire team of the agency and professionals of the communication environment, which gave us a lot of professional and personally, after seeing the final result of the product added to the repercussions obtained, and with the plus of being able to help to a public institution we are even more proud of the work.”

From another: “Messi, Walk” for Portal 180.

“We thought it was as simple as creative and at the right time, a little gem.”


Own: “Where Your Dreams Intersect with Ours” for Architecture Raffle 2017

“We managed to generate a series of very rare pieces that broke the tanda and managed to stand out, at a time when the consumer is a bit saturated with being shouted at, when a piece that tells a story and entertains it, is like an air mouthful.”

From another: ‘Festival Begins with FÉ” for Cinemateca de Larsen.

“Her cinematographic and narrative style highlights her over the flatness that abounds in the tanda.”


Own: “Digital Dictionary” for Itaú

“It’s an emotional idea that translates the advantages of technology into language and the world of people, aesthetics are taken care of and the band is memorable.”

From another: Fiancar de Pluto

“A very good text, well produced, in a medium where ideas do not abound or good notices.”


Own: “Natural Diversity” for the Ministry of Tourism

“It is an approach that invites us to embrace our whole nature, an invitation to celebrate and enjoy all that we are and have.”

From another: “We Are All Women” for UN Women of Amen

“It’s a synthetic idea, memorable and with an impeccable accomplishment.”

FCB Global Chief Creative Officer Susan Credle is featured in a Delas article about her upcoming speaking role at the 2017 Web Summit in Lisbon.


Web Summit: The Women Who Are Going to Walk Through Lisbon Next Week

Susan Credle: creative head of FCB Global, one of the largest advertising agency networks in the world. Stock photos by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

It is already Monday, the 6th, that Portugal receives for the second time the Web Summit, the largest technology conference in the world. Among the more than 1,000 speakers who come to the Portuguese capital to talk about their careers, there are several stars, many of them female.

Portuguese international model Sara Sampaio, American transgender socialite Caitlyn Jenner and US singer Jenna Marbles are just a few of the stars you will be able to find through the Web Summit. We show you some in the image gallery above.

FCB International Chief Creative Officer Luis Silva Dias is mentioned in a piece profiling the importance of the Lusophone Awards of Creativity, reports Eco.


The Importance of the Lusophone Awards of Creativity

Throughout these years, the Lusophone Prizes of Creativity have been growing and gained relevance in the various markets of our language, with a special focus on Portugal and Brazil.

Five years ago, the Lusophone Prizes of Creativity were born in Lisbon, at that time with the name of Lusos Prizes. The premise of this birth was simple enough: to unite the markets of advertising, communication and design of the Portuguese language, promoting and rewarding the best work in these disciplines, being also an engine of discussion and exchange of experiences between the agencies and professionals of these countries.

Throughout these years, the Lusophone Prizes of Creativity have been growing and gained relevance in the various markets of our language, with a special focus on Portugal and on Brazil. Today it is difficult to visit an advertising agency or producer, a large design studio or a communications agency, whether in Lisbon or in the busy Paulista Avenue of São Paulo, and we do not find a proudly presented Lusophone Award for Creativity.

From the beginning, the Portuguese Lusophone Creativity Awards work in a completely different way from all other advertising festivals. The prizes are divided into three four-month stages, which take place over a period of two years. In this case, the 2017/2018 biennium begins now and will end at the end of June, shortly after the Cannes Festival.

Whenever an agency, producer or design studio, sees your winning works, you are automatically scoring for the Lusophone Ranking of Creativity. At the end of the year, the best scores come to the agency or producer of the Lusophone year, and also from each country, in the various communication disciplines.

This logic of awards makes it immensely difficult to reach the agency or producer of the year at this festival, which has contributed to the international prestige of this initiative. Among the agencies of the year, they have already reached this distinction, for example, the Portuguese BAR, FCB Lisbon and Born, as well as the reputed Brazilian agencies F / Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Africa and Mullen Lowe, among others.

To deliver the prizes to the agencies and producers of the year, there is always the Annual Lusophone Awards of Creativity Festival. A free entry event that has taken place in the São Jorge Cinema for the last two years and has offered to the market several conferences with big names in the world of advertising such as PJ Pereira, Jacques Séguéla, former world chairman of Ogilvy Miles Young, FCB International‘s Chief Creative Officer Luis Silva Dias, Havas Ricardo Monteiro’s former Global Chairman, the Head of Strategy of Droga5 Toto Ellis and BBH’s Global Chief Growth Officer Michael Densmore, among others.

At this moment, registrations are open for this new biennium 2017/2018. Advertising agencies, marketing departments, consultants, production companies, design studios and communication agencies can inscribe your best jobs simply, quickly and 100% online.

Who will be the new winners? Have you started placing your bets?

Fabio Bianchi and Francesco Bozza join FCB Milan as managing partner and chief creative officer, respectively, announces Engage.


FCB: Fabio Bianchi Managing Partner, Francesco Bozza Chief Creative Officer

FCB International announces the entry of the two former Leo Burnett managers, chosen to join the current Milan team leadership team.

FCB Milan is the agency where Fabio Bianchi and Francesco Bozza have gone to work, recently released by Leo Burnett.

FCB International announced today that Bianchi and Bozza have been nominated as Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer, respectively, to support the current leadership team at FCB Milan, including Managing Director Giorgia Francescato, Executive Creative Director Fabio Teodori and CFO Andrea Tessarin.

Fabio Bianchi has been Managing Director at Leo Burnett Italia and has over 20 years of experience managing global clients, including Procter & Gamble, Telecom, Unipolsai, Alitalia, Sky, Autostrade per l’Italia, Philip Morris, Samsung and Levi’s Safilo.

Francesco Bozza is from Leo Burnett Italia, where he has been Executive Creative Director since 2013. His previous experience saw him as CEO and Executive Creative Director at Bcube and Creative Director at Lowe. During his career, Francesco Bozza won more than 100 national and international awards, including at Cannes Lions, The Clio’s, Eurobest, Epica, New York Festival and The Italian Art Directors Club. He was also vowed in 2015 at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity’s Film.

Sébastien Desclée, President of International Markets & Affiliates of FCB, said: “Italy is a key market for us: Francesco Bozza and Fabio Bianchi are world-class talent that we are delighted to have on board. FCB Milan already has a consolidated team of talents, and this strategic recruitment will only strengthen the agency and witness our confidence and willingness to invest in the Italian market.”