In The News Translations 11/28/16

FCB Lisbon‘s new campaign, “Milk is Booooom” for Mimosa focuses on the simple moments of everyday life, reports BriefingMeios & Publicidade and Marketeer.


FCB launches campaign ‘Mimosa’

Mimosa features a new communication campaign from creative agency FCB Lisbon. With a 360° communication strategy for TV, outdoor, digital, point of sale and brand activation.

Under the slogan “Milk is booooom,” the campaign aims to “enhance the emotional sphere of the brand and milk preeminence in the context of family life and healthy eating options.” By adopting a highly emotive tone, the campaign aims to awaken tender feelings and suits through a full narrative centered on children and emotions, says the brand.


“Hope,” from FCB Spain for Quirónsalud is a new documentary about the current medical revolution, says IPMark, ExtraDigital, El Programa de la Publicidad, Marketing News and Interactive Digital.


FCB and creates Quirónsalud ‘Hope’, a documentary about the medical revolution

Advertising agency FCB Spain and Quirónsalud have created ‘Hope’, a documentary about the current medical revolution which premiered at Movistar and is part of the first brand campaign the hospital group.

In “Hope,” internationally renowned Spanish doctors pioneer in innovative techniques, all belonging to hospitals Quirónsalud.

The documentary is presented by Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, author of several books on leadership and personal fulfillment. And the production has been done by Villa Lunera, producer of origin in English and specialist chains documentaries for the likes of the BBC.

The release of “Hope” has been supported by a publicity campaign in Movistar channels, social media, outdoor advertising and cinemas.


Humberto Polar, chief creative officer of FCB Mexico and regional creative director of FCB Latin America, sits down with AdLatina to discuss goals for 2017 and gender diversity.


Humberto Polar: “Equality is desirable, but equity involves much more”

After his first seven months in the agency, the creative dialogue with Adlatina and took stock of its performance and explained what the goals for 2017. will be also referred to the work being conducted by the subsidiary in relation to gender equality in the advertising field.

Humberto Polar, chief creative officer FCB Mexico, spoke with Adlatina about his first months in office at the agency, which he joined in April of this year after leaving his post as CEO of FCB Mayo.

He referred to his work with the Mexican subsidiary and the goals proposed for next year. He also spoke about the politics of gender diversity of the agency, which was recently highlighted by Victoria 147, an organization working for gender equality in the workplace.

Polar made a positive assessment of his seven months of work in FCB Mexico.
According to him, it was possible to reorganize how the team works which has turned out wonderfully. “We have worked to erase the boundary between digital and traditional, with a very large part of the agency now speaking both languages. At the same time, we are very committed to the multicultural and multidisciplinary” he added.

One of the concrete achievements so far that he cited the team and the top management, Eric Descombes, president of FCB Mexico. “Thanks to this teamwork, we have added nine new clients this year,” said Polar.

With regard to the proposed objectives for 2017, he said the agency is working on interesting creative projects. “Good jobs and processes take time. We will continue to reap the fruits that have been sown so far,” he said.

What’s the FCB policy regarding gender equality? What initiatives they are underway in this regard?

Gender equity is a big commitment of ours. Indeed the richness of contemporary society is diversity and understand people who think differently.

I’m from the idea of hiring talent regardless of gender. For example, this month we three new talents, Úrsula de la Sotta, Chantal Suárez and Daniela Zalzman. Their charge will be to provide great new concept to us, which would be the equivalent of creative directors in any other agency.

What is the meaning of certification Victoria 147?

Victoria 147 is an entity that works for gender equality in the workplace and for women entrepreneurs. Research in enterprises with regard to wages and other structural issues is made.

For more than equal rights for all means, we must design policies that accompany it. Not consider motherhood as a professional obstacle, for example, it has to do with it. Equality is desirable but equity involves much more.

Beyond the workplace, what vision you have of gender issues in the advertising content?

We have to push our creative work to better society. We must learn to identify when we create harmful behavior and evaluate internal processes.

The advertising industry is taking more explicit steps than before. We’re self-regulating, but unfortunately there is still the stereotype of women housewife. I think that is changing for genuine motivation of those who advertise. It is regulating for good and pragmatic reason. In addition, happily, there is a public that is better informed and more involved in the discussions, and the Internet helps the community and actively participate.