In The News Translation – 8/25/17

Ad Latina, Mobile Outdoor Magazine, MultiPress, El Publicista, AMAP,, El Comercio, Notivia Jeros, Gestion and Infotur Peru showcase the latest campaign from FCB Mexico and FCB Mayo for PromPerú.




“Interchanged,” the new FCB Mayo and FCB Mexico for PromPerú


This is a transmedia campaign with digital DNA, but based on the power of good stories, that seeks to put Peruvians in the Shoes of the other. In the note, the first video.


The teams from FCB Mayo and FCB Mexico developed the Interchange Campaign for PromPeru , under the creative direction of Humberto Polar.
The launch of the sixth advertising campaign of Marca Perú to promote the image of the country abroad was held at an event at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barranco.
This new initiative consists of an exchange of place between three known local characters and three other Peruvians – less famous, but not less notable – so that everyone knows how it feels to get into each other’s shoes. The experiment includes, of course, a change of house and work for all involved.
The campaign will have six deliveries, which will be broadcast in the mass media and through social networks.
In this regard, Polar expressed: “In the spirit of putting ourselves in each other’s shoes, two creative Peruvians who work in Mexico we exchange ideas and work time with our colleagues from Lima and the result was brilliant.”
The campaign was attended by more than 25 professionals from FCB Mayo and FCB México from different disciplines: creativity, production, innovation and digital.