In The News Translation – 2/9/17

IQ Ads reveals FCB Bucharest‘s latest campaign for the Baneasa Shopping Center.




FCB Bucharest and Baneasa Shopping City Invites Children to Reinvent the Romanian Folklore through Imagination and Play


Under the message “It’s Ok to Reimagine Folklore,” FCB Bucharest and Baneasa Shopping City announced the launch of the second edition of the educational project exhibition Imagination . The campaign theme this year is Romanian folklore and emphasizes the importance of supporting children in their process of understanding national identity and the need to transfer from one generation to our folk heritage.


“The concept of the campaign this year is based on an insight which revealed that children today have no direct contact with their Romanian habits. Either because parents do not talk about them or because they are too captivated by the fascinating world of all gadgets that are available and they find it “cool.” And we want to change that! And because playing is the best way to learn, we thought to create a perfect opportunity to learn about what makes a Romanian, and to combine imagination with stories, traditions and Romanian customs. What other better way to do this if not by playing?” “said Claudiu Dobric (Creative Director, FCB Bucharest).


Launching this year’s edition of the “Project Imagination” exhibition was preceded by a series of workshops where folk children learned more about different traditions and customs of the six areas of the country and recreated LEGO® brick Romanian folk costumes.


Then on United Principalities Day on January 24, an official launch of the project was held, featuring the rhythm of folk dances and Cobzality music band. The audience took part in an open discussion on folklore reinterpreted, having Silviu Ilea, a researcher at the Romanian Peasant Museum, Lana Balan, a fashion designer, Mihnea Ghilduş, a product designer and founder of the concept store design and Claudia Suhov Dizainăr Romanian, Kidster founder and partner of the project, as guests.


“We wanted to be more involved in the community and through this educational project, we started for the second time a challenge for both the children (as participants in the competition) and parents or teacher teaching (as coordinator), which we invite them to support this initiative in a large number. The exhibition not only puts together creative works with a figment of imagination but this edition brings closer to the hearts and minds of every child fingerprint Romanian people and about their own identity,” said Alexandru Bogdan (Director Marketing, Baneasa Shopping City).


In recent years, our country has been a trend reinterpretation and integration reasons folk in various industries or fields, from fashion design and object design, to jewelry, ceramics and architecture, and this interest of Romanians is brought among the children through this project.


Is one playful manner, information is easily assimilated and the game comes with LEGO® bricks to support involvement than smaller ones, considering how popular it is, including some adults. In addition, the game LEGO® bricks is recognized by specialists as an excellent way to develop children’s creativity, thinking and motor skills or abilities such as attention to detail.



Campaign communication materials have been developed for: online (page dedicated project website, online banners and social media promotion), indoor and outdoor.