In The News Translation – 2/17/17

MadisonBoom, AD-CN, V Marketing China, China PR, waaaat, Digitown and DoMarketing announce that WM Motor appoints FCB Shanghai as its agency of record.




WM Motor Appoints FCB to be Responsible for Creative Business


After a series of intense pitching, FCB Shanghai eventually became the WM Motor of the annual brand agents. The collaboration between the two sides will start with the brand structure, for WM Motor to establish a complete brand system, as well as products and services integrated marketing communication.


WM Motor was established in 2012, and is a mainstream intelligent pure electric car, committed to providing Chinese consumers with comprehensive, convenient and comfortable travel experience. At present WM Motor already has more than 300 people on the core team, respectively, in Shanghai, Germany, Beijing and Chengdu.


“The future of travel is a highly competitive category, and how to create unique values ​​and differentiated images for the brand in a complex communication environment is what we have been doing,” said Michael, director of WM Motor’s car brand. We also hope that with the FCB Shanghai in the brand strategy on a rich experience and accurate grasp of consumer insight for the WM Motor car to create a competitive brand image.