In The News Translation – 11/7/17

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Pom Pom brand premieres new film highlighting the importance of the lap

Marca launches a campaign to communicate the importance of warmth in early childhood, with its new positioning, “Colo, the best place in the world.”

Pom Pom, a traditional Brazilian brand of diapers and children’s hygiene products, launches a new communication campaign that features a movie with real mothers and fathers that shows cozy moments for the baby in everyday situations, in different types of lap.

In the spot, signed by FCB Brasil, each scene is narrated by the voice of a child who presents several situations of lap, with messages that reinforce the magic of that moment, like “Colo is affection and warmth,” “Colo is his first restaurant,” “Colo is a waterfall bath,” “Colo is the best place in the world after the mother’s belly,” “Colo is your first network,” “Colo is remedy for stress,” “Colo is up to blanket” and “Colo is the best place in the world.”

“We adopted our communication skills, and this warmth is translated into the comfort that the diaper provides, especially in early childhood, when affection is extremely important,” explains the brand’s marketing director, Marina Inserra.

The film will be screened throughout the interior of São Paulo on the main open channel broadcasters.

Campaign: Colo, the best place in the world | Product: Pom Pom | Agency: FCB Brasil | Chief Creative Officer: Joanna Monteiro | Executive Creative Director: Fabio Simões | Creative Director: Romero Cavalcanti | Art Director: André Dalmédico, Viviane Araújo, Adriana Sampaio, Renato Pícolo | Editor: Kleber Fonseca, Marilu Rodrigues, Caio Junquilho, Ricardo Wouters | Attendance: Cristiane Pereira, Michelle Bordignon, Daniele Lozano | Media: Fabio Freitas, Danilo Castro, Vivian Salazar, Fernanda Vellutini and Adones Duarte | Planning: Marcia Neri, Bianca Reame, Rafael Gonçales, Márcio Rodrigues, Carolina Valentim and Pedro Quintão | Art Buyer: Daniel Gonçalves and Mallani Maia | RTV: Charles Nobili, Pedro Lazzuri, Ricardo Magozo, Mariana Carneiro and Natasha Zaminiani | Approval of the Client: Marina Inserra, Andréa Ribeiro, Vitor Miranda, Mariana Rebello, Mariana Matiolli, Aline Araujo, Aline Silva

Profile: Pom Pom is a reference in child care since 1968. Its portfolio has products that offer protection, care and total comfort to the baby. The products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, differentials that certify their quality. The disposable diapers are available in versions Pom Pom Colo of Mother, Pom Pom Protection of Mother and Pom Pom Newborn Love of Mother. The brand also counts on a complete line of products to assist the moms at all times: in the exchanges of diapers, with moistened wipes and 12-hour protection cream, at the time of the bath, with shampoos and conditioners, bar and foam soaps and after bath with clear spray, talc and cologne.