In The News Translation – 10/31/17

Media GuideRe-port and Advis reveal FCB Moscow’s latest campaign for Rosbank.


With Rosbank life will be easier

Agency FCB has developed a creative concept with the advertising campaign “Easy Life”

Rosbank launched a new advertising campaign called “Easy Life,” to promote the service of refinancing loans – a creative concept developed by the agency FCB Moscow.

The idea is based on the image of a giant balloon, which is a symbol of inconvenient loan rates. From the first frame of the video you can see that the ball takes up too much space in the life of the hero. Wherever it may turn out to be – in a car, theater, airplane or shopping center – the ball follows it unceasingly, limiting its actions and desires. To get rid of this unbearable burden, the hero goes to Rosbank and refinances his huge ball into a small, light and comfortable ball.

The main task was to convey to the audience the huge, “inconvenient” interest on the loan – this is not a verdict. Thanks to refinancing loans from Rosbank, interest rates are getting smaller, which means that it becomes much easier to live.

The new advertising campaign for Rosbank will be shown on TV and online. The video can be seen on the official YouTube channel of Rosbank and FCB Moscow.



Elena Kozhadej – Director, Department of Corporate Communications and Advertising

Anastasia Zhilina – Head of Advertising Department

Anna Solodova – Senior Manager, Advertising Department

Olga Konyushkova – Head of Marketing, Communications and Research Department

Natalia Khmelevskaya – Head of Marketing, Communications Department

FCB Moscow (creative)

Eugene Radewych (Eugene Radewych) – Chief Creative Director, IPG

Daniele Pancetti – Creative Director

Anna Obraztsova – Copywriter

Ekaterina Biryukova – Art Director

Shilpa Sinha (Shilpa Sinha) – Director of Strategic Planning

Maria Lebezkaya – Director, Group on Work with Clients

Ekaterina Kudryashova – Senior Account Manager

Maxim Kopyshev – Head of TV and Digital Production Department

DTVMA (production)

Elena Pechko – General Producer

Victoria Rusanova – Linear Producer

Yaroslav Peger – Director

Ivan Lebedev – Operator

Denis Sokolov – Second Director

Daria Seslavinskaya – Post-Production Producer