In The News Translation – 12/14/16

Latin Spots catches up with FCB Buenos Aires Executive Creative Director Lulo Calió about his first year at the agency and his upcoming goals for the next year.




Lulo Calió made the decision to return to FCB because he drew the inspiration and attractive network Spirit today. In a dialogue with LatinSpots upon his return to the agency, he took stock of his first year as Creative Director. Also, he listed the goals he achieved and the work done at this time and the goals they have for next year.
What is your assessment of this first stage at the agency?
It’s a good time to make an initial assessment. A little over a year ago I joined FCB. And while the decision to return was already clear, the network had been making changes. It is very interesting to be here again. The network is inspiring, attractive, goes to another type of service that has to do with context, about how customers and communication in the world change. One of the great wins of the year was the global win of Clorox. This speaks of the network that is having an exponential growth. It is a network that has a vision and you are dialing from their ideas. And it is exactly what is causing FCB network to be so attractive for both new customers and the great talent that we incorporate the agency this year.


How have you made the creative team?
Our Creative team is atypical and we seek to remain so. People of different cultures live together at one table and feed of what each has to offer. That generosity is seen when daily share tips, ideas and help each other to achieve the best result for a brand. I am proud of the general culture of the team that we not only creative but in all areas.


What is a positive highlight seen in this first year?
I’m going back again on the equipment. It is positive this year. What makes the entire agency push forward. With this team we form throughout the agency it is good to get out on the court. They are all talented and very nice people. I think it’s a combination that is bringing us and will bring us more and more achievements and satisfactions.


What work has been done?
One of the early work we did was the new campaign for Fargo and also the release of “Aunt Rosa,” which is the number one product in tortillas Mexico. With this working basis the results were immediate. In that sense, we are very pleased with the steps we are taking, and we choose to, and we say it has to be not the product of a personal career but an agency and a team that believes in what it comes to propose.


What projects are you working on today?
We have several very advanced projects for existing brands with which we are already working with. Our customers are active and responsive. And when we have the material ready we will share.


What is your philosophy of work?
The Philosophy is one of the most important parts of our team work. We rely on the continuing collaboration and this is one hundred percent emotional. We want to help because we know that the other will want to help us later. Another point is that we spend a lot of effort and time to know how we are. We always think if we are going well and if personal happiness is present in what we do, because we are certain that it will cause a great job at the end.


What are your short and long term professional goals?
I think today the millions of ideas that we’ve had with respect to developing products can be realized more easily. Not to say that before we did not think strategically for our clients. Today, through technology, it is much easier to see success when you see the way that travel ideas. Testing is almost immediate and global. If we go to that side, which is what I feel is happening, it will be great. And I speak in the short term because in this world of instantaneous and permanent change would be too bold to talk about long – term goals. What is happening is that we are definitely beginning to have ideas not only for TV or graphics but that we are having for everything. Our business has always been grounded in selling ideas. Nothing changed that and nothing will change. The same ideas that we are serving to generate new things. Our customers begin to receive a range of possibilities for their brands, new experiences that were previously unimaginable. I think if we talk about this very thing in two years, we will be talking about another world, today unknown.


How do you see the performance of Susan Credle as Chief Creative Officer of the agency globally? What aspects is reflected its leadership in the network?
It’s great to have Susan Credle as our guide. I’ve rarely had the opportunity to work for people who are so admired since I started in this profession. It’s a great opportunity for us to learn from what Susan offers. She began generating a renewed culture on the web and inspired everyone with a new way of evaluating ideas. I believe in this long-term project, which has already started full of energy.