Disrupting the Car-Buying Experience

For years, car buyers have loved the feeling of driving off the lot in a brand-new vehicle—wind blowing in their hair, that new-car smell and trying to forget the somewhat terrible 3-4 hours in the dealership. Time spent making decisions, negotiating, and feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and confused. Disruption often occurs when you take a culturally known moment of frustration and reinvent the experience around simplicity and transparency.

Take TrueCar, an online car buying solution that takes the negotiation game out of the process. Simply build your car, see actual car purchases in your area with the price paid and get a guaranteed purchase price when you visit the dealer. And most recently, the launch of Roadster helps consumers skip the dealership entirely.

Disruptors like TrueCar and Roadster, coupled with consumer demands for better customer experiences, are putting the pressure on the automotive industry to reinvent a process that’s gone mostly unchanged for the last 50 years. For automotive brands, big change isn’t easy. Dealership networks aren’t controlled by the auto brand, have disparate systems and are resistant to business-model changes. However, if digital disruption trends are any indication of what’s to come, expect to see dealerships evolve or disruptors to win.


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Spotted by Chase Cornett, VP Strategic Planning Director, FCB Chicago