Beneficial Intelligence in Travel

We’ve been talking about Artificial Intelligence for decades, but still too often we view the world through the lens of technology rather than viewing technology through the lens of basic human needs and wants.

How do we make it truly beneficial? How do we save time? Save money? Make everything easier?

In transportation, real-time public information is already used around the world, but traffic control centers typically analyze any delays manually to try to prevent further effects. What if you could forecast these delays and act immediately rather than wait for it?

In September 2015, Swedish train operator Stockholmståg announced it had developed an algorithm that uses historical data from previous occurrences to anticipate train delays two hours in advance and allow the staff to minimize the future delay by asking the train to skip a stop or by issuing extra trains, for example.

Soon Stockholm commuters will be able to use an app that will help them plan their commute, such as knowing in which coach to board by evaluating the number of people in each wagon.


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Spotted by Lola Brichet, Strategist at FCB Inferno