C&I Newsletter: Continuing the Conversation

No matter who you are or where you are in the world, the concepts of bias and prejudice exist, and every person can grow in their own self-awareness. The best growth comes from engaging in conversations and continuing to learn more about how unconscious bias impacts how we perceive and respond to the world.

Here are a few great resources, activities and articles that can help you stay in the conversation:

  • Have you ever taken the Implicit Association Test (IAT)? Even if you have, perhaps it’s time to see if your views or preferences have changed over time. MTV’s Look Different provides a version of the IAT, as well as a number of great videos and articles that you may find of interest.

Kudos to Progress & Recognition

We have a few success stories to celebrate for some of our U.S. agencies in their culture & inclusion efforts. It was announced that we had an honoree for the 2017 IPG Inclusion Awards.

2017 IPG Inclusion Awards

Area 23 received an IPG Inclusion Award for Community ImpactDana Maiman, Tim Hawkey and others were honored in a special awards ceremony on August 3, 2017, in New York City.

Intentional Inclusion Workshops

As of January 24, we had hosted more than 84 sessions of the Intentional Inclusion (formerly Implicit Bias) workshops throughout the network, for 20 offices and more than 1,500 employees. Intentional Inclusion is our foundational workshop that shows how our unconscious brains affect every aspect of how we do business – from creative briefs and client meetings to talent development and retention – as well as teaching us how to cultivate conscious awareness, by recognizing and mitigating the impact of unconscious bias in our daily interactions, behaviors and decision-making.

If you have not participated in this workshop, contact your HR lead today, to ask about an upcoming session. If you have already participated, encourage others within your agency to sign up the next time it is offered.

What’s New With You?

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