What’s up with mobile consumers in China?

“Marketers should focus on communicating less but communicating better on WeChat,” according to a new blog post by Xiaofeng Wang on the Forrester website.

I’m fascinated by the way mobile has grown in China. I recently discussed this in an article in Seattle Business. And WeChat is huge there. It reaches 700 million users worldwide and nearly 96% of China’s smartphone users! What’s great for marketers is that WeChat is the social platform Chinese customers use to engage with brands.

Metro Chinese online consumers who visit WeChat at least monthly engage with 31.7 brands and companies online, compared with 28.6 on the runner-up platform Weibo, according to another Forrester report.

Sophisticated marketers in China do things like develop custom WeChat menus rather than build branded mobile apps or create mobile coupons specifically for the platform.

Keeping your eyes on China’s mobile users is a great way to open your mind to new ways of looking at the platforms we have available elsewhere.


Written by Spyro Kourtis, President & CEO, HackerAgency