Using List-Driven Digital To Measure Mobile Media

This is the fifth post in a series of five video blogs explaining how to measure mobile media.

List-driven digital gives you the best combination of understanding the full impact of mobile media by combining offline data and modeling with online and mobile ad delivery to deliver superior cross-sales channel measurement.

Direct marketers have an enormous amount of offline data about their customers — particularly transactional data. And transactional data can be turned into valuable information about customer lifetime value. There’s also data we use to create customer profiles and models that let us target more effectively. In addition, we have data in our prospect lists that help us fine-tune our acquisition campaigns.

Connecting offline and online data has been a challenge. But now we’re able to link offline data with online identifiers (mobile device IDs, latitude/longitude, cookies, etc.).

HackerAgency maintains an ISO 27001 certification and places protection of personally identifiable information (PII) at the top of our priority list, so we use a third party to connect online and offline information and to remove any personally identifiable information. The third party — which can usually match about 30% – 60% of the list to an online person — gives the resulting data back to us or passes it on to an ad exchange for the next step. The ad network then finds those mobile and online users in its own database.

We use a small holdout/control group for this method of measurement, as we did with the location method.

When a purchase is complete, sales data goes into a CRM system or a marketing history database. List-driven digital allows us to measure campaign results even when the response channel is offline — e.g., retail or phone. At that point, we can match the names of the new customers back to our original offline list of names. Because we have a control group, we have a complete picture of the impact of our campaign.

Click here to watch the video explaining how identity-driven digital delivers the best mobile tracking and measurement.