This Girl Cannes

Never in a million years did I think I would spend the morning of June 19 sitting at my desk in London and the evening on the stage at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity picking up the United Nations Grand Prix Lion for Good for “This Girl Can.”

“This Girl Can” has been a real labor of love for both our wonderfully brave Sport England clients and my wonderfully talented FCB Inferno team.

Jennie Price, the CEO of Sport England and her team have been the driving force behind this campaign, pushing us to do ground-breaking work. We were up for the challenge, of course, but little did we realize the profound effect this campaign would have on women in the UK and across the world. Gender inequality exists in all aspects of life. “This Girl Can” is reshaping the language and breaking the category norms in the health and fitness market and we are so proud to be playing a small part in this societal shift.

The Heroines of the Campaign

At the heart of the “This Girl Can” campaign are a bunch of normal, everyday women feeling liberated from the fear of being judged, overcoming their own personal barriers and getting out there and exercising with a “don’t give a damn” attitude. They are the heroines of the campaign and we’ve seen that millions of women around the world really relate to them. How refreshing to finally have role models who typify every woman in such an inspirational way! What has been astonishing is the volume of conversations “This Girl Can” has started, with women sharing their own stories about how the campaign has inspired them to get out there and smash their own barriers.

We need more campaigns like “This Girl Can.” We need more bravery like that shown by our own Sport England clients. Imagine then what bigger societal shifts could happen.

 Use Heading 6 to style the author bio. Jane Smith is the Creative Director of xyx. She has been awarded four Golds and two Grand Prix at Cannes for her work on the xyz campaign.