The Weekly: The Future of Music…is Meow


It’s a universal truth that people go crazy for cats. And the music industry is no exception. Rap group Run the Jewels recently released a cat-themed album called Meow the Jewels, which is a flurry of cat purrs and puns.

Not to be outdone, the Queen of Adorable, the Countess of Cuteness, the one-and-only Lil BUB is dropping an album of her own. The fluffy princess is the creative mind behind Science & Magic. She is an enterprising philathropist, and will donate the proceeds from the album to the ASPCA.

That’s a good kitty.

LinkedIn Done Messed Up

Professional networking site LinkedIn is paying a cool $13 million in a class-action lawsuit. If you’ve ever signed up for the site (and if you aren’t sure you have an account, you probably have a dusty profile somewhere), you might’ve seen follow-up emails with invites to “expand your professional network.”

The website claimed it wouldn’t store your password or email address, but sent dozens of spammy emails to email address book contacts. Dan Schlosser details his own personal experience with the scam on Medium.

Instagram Celebrates Fifth Birthday

Remember how different life was five years ago? It was an era known as B.I., or Before Instagram. There were fewer pictures of lattes and designer clothing and rich kids flaunting disposable wealth. It was a dark time. Thankfully, we will never have to go without, because Instagram celebrated a five-year milestone this week.

Happy birthday, Instagram. Thank you for brunch pictures, the hot-dog legs and Beyoncé. You harnessed culture through filters and hashtags, and society owes you a great debt for giving us close access to Kim Kardashian West.

Here’s to another 50 years of bathroom mirror selfies.

Female Celebrities Dominate on Instagram

 Instagram: @beyonce
Instagram: @beyonce

Speaking of Beyoncé, did you know that in addition to being a beautiful unicorn with magical powers, she has one of the top most-followed Instagram accounts?

In fact, the top-five most-followed Instagram accounts are all held by women. Who run the world? Girls.

The top-five list includes selfie queen Kim Kardashian West, serial dater Taylor Swift and donut licker Ariana Grande.

Facebook Knows if You Have a Slow Internet Connection, and Doesn’t Judge You For it

Because people can’t go more than five minutes without checking Facebook, it is now possible to enjoy social media activity without having blazing-fast Wi-Fi.

If you are on a spotty Internet connection, instead of trying to load a bunch of stories all at once, it will only download the story you are currently looking at. And if you revisit the News Feed, previous stories that are already loaded will show up, instead of nothing at all.

Waiting for a fast Internet connection to check Facebook? Please. That’s so 2014.