The Best of Adweek’s #AdweekChat

Adweek’s Twitter Q&A #AdweekChat on Tuesday, September 23, focused on Project Isaac winners and invited their audience to discuss creativity and innovation in the advertising and marketing industries. Joining the live chat from FCB were FCB Brazil (who took home the top award, the Gravity Award, for its NIVEA Sun Solar Ad Charger) and FCB Mayo’s VP & CCO Humberto Polar (FCB Mayo Peru’s Air Purifying Billboard took home gold in the marketing category).

Below is a transcript of the insightful answers from Humberto (@chinipolar) and FCB Brazil (@agenciafcbbr) as well as some other contributors.

Ad Week (AW) Q1: Which obstacles do you think hold back brands, agencies and publishers from being truly innovative? #AdweekChat

Humberto Polar (HP) Is there enough room for innovative processes, financially speaking? #AdweekChat

@MXM_jademaddox @Adweek The fear and the market

HP @MXM_jademaddox @Adweek The fact that you are proposing someone to put money on something that is not fully proved. The fact that the scientific method embraces the mistake and that is too difficult to explain to marketing people #AdweekChat

FCB Brasil (BR) The fear of the unknown and the possible consequences to be innovative #AdweekChat

@Chirpify @adweek Interested to hear how innovation marketing translates into ROI and business outcomes. #AdweekChat

HP @Chirpify @Adweek In UTEC´s case it is a new University, so innovation is its way of establish in the market #AdweekChat

AW Q2: Does marketing/media’s obsession w/ metrics stifle innovation or just force it to be accountable? #AdweekChat

@Ryan_Riggins @Adweek Don’t get me wrong, I love numbers, but not at the expense of doing something incredible. #AdweekChat

@TbroOnline @Ryan_Riggins If you do something incredible and you don’t know if anyone saw it, did it ever exist? #AdweekChat

HP @TbroOnline @Ryan_Riggins Not when you have a purpose #AdweekChat

BR It all depends on the risk and in the mindset of client/agency to bet on the idea #AdweekChat

HP Innovation is the only way to stop saying and start doing #AdweekChat

AW Q3: What’s the key to creating a work culture of invention and exploration? How can it be rewarded? #AdweekChat

BR Create an environment that allows the employees to feel free to explore and pitch ideas. You can reward the innovative ideas trough constant support regardless of the client’s budget / opportunity. We believe that the ideas can start small and grow #MVPconcept #AdweekChat

HP @Adweek The key is to work only with highly curious people that believe strongly in collective achievement. Creative industries should have room for mistakes, which are crucial to find real innovations #AdweekChat

@KeniSueNelson @chinipolar Mistakes are my favorite things. Sure, they’re hard to (emotionally) deal with at first, but you learn so much #AdweekChat

HP @KeniSueNelson But ad world is so afraid of mistakes, that’s sad…..but true #AdweekChat

@KeniSueNelson @chinipolar Well that’s totally normal to be afraid. But that shouldn’t stop you from doing your best work #AdweekChat

AW Q4: #ProjectIsaac’s top winner was an ad that charges phones ( ). Should more brands focus on user benefit? #adweekchat

HP @Adweek User benefits are what brands are for. The relevance of a benefit is the real driver of creativity #AdweekChat

BR Yes, as long as the idea is truthful to the brand DNA #niveasolarad #cnaspeakingexchange #AdweekChat

@cindygallop @Adweek It seems most are still about selling brand first, helping customers second. Agree/no? #adweekchat

BR @cindygallop @Adweek We believe that currently there is a need to deliver more than brand, benefit is a way to do it. #AdweekChat

AW Q5: Beyond occasional publicity, what are the rewards for marketers & media who put a priority on invention? #adweekchat

HP @Adweek Solid engagement to their target groups, in case they are targeting innovation seekers. What innovation brings to a brand is the need for more innovation. So it starts a neverending process that can lead to greatness #AdweekChat

BR Work in an agency that has a culture that truly values innovation on every step of the process. And being in a place that believes and values those talents. #AdweekChat

AW Q6: Will #3DPrinting and the Maker Movement have a lasting impact on creative businesses? Do you worry they’re a fad? #AdweekChat

HP @Adweek As long as you are covering a real need, you can 3D-print relevant things. Otherwise it’s a fad #AdweekChat

BR Is more of a means to solve a brand/life problems. It may evolve to something else or stay for long time. #AdweekChat

AW Q7: What are your tips for selling a supervisor or client on creating something new vs. going w/ trusted tactics? #AdweekChat

HP @Adweek I am lucky to work for an innovative University, so the pressure for breakthrough comes mostly from the other side #AdweekChat

BR Be true to the idea and sell it wholeheartedly and make your client a vital part of the innovative process. #AdweekChat

HP @Adweek I always tell them how famous they will be.

AW A good ego stroke never hurts! RT @chinipolar: @Adweek I always tell them how famous they will be. #AdweekChat

HP Amazing brings amazing. #AdweekChat @Adweek