Meet the Interns

Dispersed throughout the FCB offices in New York City are 41 of the brightest and most creative interns you’ll find. Perhaps you’ve seen them wandering around looking for the mail room or taking full advantage of the $1 drinks at the coffee bar, or maybe you’ll meet them while waiting for the elevator in the lobby (the one perk of our slow elevators).

Get to know some of our talented interns and learn what they have to say about working at FCB this summer.

Joshua Monaco (Art Intern at NeON)


Josh Monaco walked up to the coffee bar at FCB Health from the NeON office with a box of doughnuts in hand.

“I try to go to the 33rd Street office at least once a day since it’s so close to interact with all of the other interns and employees,” Josh said while offering me a caramel doughnut hole. Josh is from Cleveland, Ohio, and just graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design,¬ majoring in advertising and art direction. He considers Savannah his home sweet home, but is excited to live in New York City for the first time. When he’s not working, he can be found exploring Brooklyn, where he likes to hunt down local gelato shops to satisfy his sweet tooth.

“My mission is to find the perfect Italian bakery. I haven’t found it yet, but I’m still looking!”

Although Josh has many interests, advertising seemed like the perfect direction for him as a path to become an ultimate jack-of-all-trades. “Advertising can be hands-on, digitalized, whatever you want. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about design, and I’m obsessed with that idea.”

During his senior year career fair, Josh explained that after speaking to representatives from five agencies, FCB stood out the most to him.

“I was fortunate enough to receive other offers, but the second I got the FCB offer, I knew I would take it,” shared Josh. Living the “intern fairy tale,” Josh is now working at NeON, a healthcare company within FCB Health, as a summer art intern, and is excited to immerse himself in design.

During a typical day, Josh meets with his supervisors in a morning meeting and looks at a “hot sheet,” a list of tasks that need to be completed. He helps edit banner ads, keeps up with his art portfolio, and always tries to stay busy in the office, either by working on the intern project or by getting to know other people.

“The people are the best thing about being an intern here. I’m shocked that everyone is so nice, and the FCB employees have the perfect balance of seriousness and fun, professionalism and sass.”

Josh’s future aspiration is to create his own business and go into branding, but until then, he is enjoying his time at FCB. “Immediately, on my first day, I loved it. Everyone I spoke to — HR, the employees, the interns — were all friendly and genuinely interested in getting to know us. And nothing has changed; it gets better every day.”

Grace Xu (Branding Intern at FCB Health)


At FCB Health as a branding intern is Grace Xu from Vancouver, Canada. Grace completed her undergraduate degree in architecture at McGill and just graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. At Harvard, Grace took a course with her now-supervisor, Teman Evans, about product design, a branding class with which she truly fell in love.

“I saw this parallel and intersection between branding, advertising, and architecture, by using spatial understanding to reimagine products,” explained Grace. After a fulfilling semester, Temen highly recommended Grace for a summer internship at FCB, and here she is today.

Grace added, “This is something I really wanted to try out, because I know I can go back to architecture anytime. Whereas for branding, I have minimal experience besides the one class I took.”
Grace considers this internship a “bold beginning” and quite different from her past work. After completing her undergraduate degree, she spent a year at an architecture firm in Copenhagen where the “workday is shorter and there is free lunch.”

Although she enjoyed her year abroad, Grace is excited to be at FCB and is currently familiarizing herself with the workflow between departments. Every morning, she attends a meeting to decide what fires need to be put out that day, and tries to help in any task she can, whether that be working on presentations, attending personality workshops, or even conducting research interviews.
“The other day, I interviewed 120 people in the firm to test out three different names, and tried to see which is the easiest to pronounce when said out loud,” explained Grace. “It was also a great way to explore the deep caves of the office!”

With her architecture background, Grace believes that when approaching branding tasks, it is advantageous to have a systematic way of thinking and always consider the big picture. She sees branding as a spread-out and intense department that works within inter-agency groups, and she hopes to communicate directly with clients soon.

Between sips of her red eye coffee, Grace also explained, “I don’t see myself as an intern. Based on how I position myself and how others see me and trust me to do what I do, it really goes both ways.”

It has been over eight years since Grace last lived in New York City, and she is exploring all parts of the city, including Brooklyn. “Back then, Williamsburg wasn’t even a thing!” added Grace. She is especially glad that she brought her bike and enjoys biking around the city in nice weather. As for the future, Grace hopes to stay in New York for a few more years, as there are abundant opportunities ahead. “I’m excited to see what comes out of it. I’m open to everything: to branding, architecture, and even starting my own firm.”

Mary Lee Carter (UX Intern at FCB Health)


Coming from the 6th floor intern desks of FCB Health is Mary Lee Carter, a fifth-year senior at Virginia Tech majoring in industrial design. At school, she is involved in Greek life and also likes to help out the athletic department in caring for those with sports-related injuries. In addition, she appreciates “low-energy activities” such as painting, video games, and experimenting with makeup. Mary Lee grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, and yet has no trace of a Southern accent.

Mary Lee has also never worked in advertising before, but wants to get a feel for user experience and to try out user interface design in the advertising realm.

“On my first day at FCB, I thought I was in way over my head. At first, I felt classy and professional and I said to myself, ‘I’m going to nail this!’” shared Mary Lee. “But meeting the other interns was intimidating, since they all seemed to know what they’re doing.”

As an intern for the user experience team, Mary Lee spends her day sorting through and categorizing mutations for an online interface. She was drawn to working in the user experience team because they seemed to be a close-knit, interdisciplinary group that takes on a variety of projects, something Mary Lee heavily values over more repetitive work.

“My supervisor graduated from the same program as me, and when he came to my school to talk about FCB, it sounded like such an inclusive and special place where people enjoy their work and enjoy each other,” shared Mary Lee.

The best part of being an intern for FCB this summer? Mary Lee says it’s the fact that it’s okay to mess up because everyone understands that all the interns are still learning.

Megan O’Hora (Strategy Intern at FCB Health)


After two years of interning in strategy and planning for other agencies, Megan O’Hora is excited to be a strategy intern at FCB Health this summer. Megan majored in advertising and minored in business at St. John’s University, and calls Scranton, Pennsylvania, her home. Outside of work, Megan enjoys being outside around lakes and hiking, as well as trying out exotic foods.
Megan started the intern program just a week ago, and since then, has been researching and reading up on diseases for different accounts. She delves into what disease burden is on the quality of life, related conditions, and treatment options, and tries to grasp the full idea of what having the disease is like.
“I like to understand firsthand perspectives and see [things] from other people’s points of view,” said Megan. At her previous internships, she had only gotten to work on the consumer side of pharma, so she is excited that FCB Health is giving her a taste of the healthcare professional perspective on advertising.
Megan also now understands why people at FCB Health are so passionate about their work. “There is something powerful about understanding people going through certain ailments and potentially offering them lifesaving solutions,” commented Megan.
In the future, Megan hopes to continue working in strategy, as she has loved everything she has worked on so far in her internships. “Strategy is always like a puzzle, and I’m figuring things out and looking for truths.”
She continues to explain that FCB allows her the freedom to explore what she wants to learn. “You do a lot of things to get consumer truths, to get them in these emotional places. I love thinking of new processes on how to do that, and if you can think of a new way to do something, my supervisor says they’re so open to trying it.”

If you want to get to know Josh, Grace, Mary Lee, Megan, or any of the other interns, check out the Intern Tumblr and Instagram pages. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help or to say hello at the office, we have a lot more to offer than just coffee runs.