The Weekly: Vintage Tech Ads, Booze in Target Stores & More

In case you missed out, the weekly roundup will give you all the news and interesting factoids you need to know from the past week. It will often include culture, creativity, tech and industry updates, in an easy-to-read format with sleek pictures throughout.

Millennials discuss which app they’d delete first

It’s a tough choice but we all have to make it eventually. Imagine, trying to take a selfie and then realizing you are out of storage space. Bless the phone gods; you can delete an app to make room for more duck faces!

Digiday interviewed millennials to ask which app they’d delete first to make room for more storage space. Answers ranged from Words With Friends to Kik.

A popular choice for deletion was Tinder, and as one man explained perfectly: “Because that shit sucks.”

Target will test serving alcohol in new Chicago location

Tar-zhay will experiment with a new business model: get customers tipsy and release them into the retail wilderness. It’s a brilliant evil genius plan.

The new location is a smaller space and tailored to its urban setting, so it’ll most likely be frequented by people who are on foot or assisted by public transportation. It’s a seamless city experience.

If all goes well, Target will open up in-store bars in other urban areas and it’s a smart decision to focus on city dwellers. Drinking heavily at a suburban Target all afternoon sounds like a terrible idea.

Blast from tech advertising past

Digging into the archives of advertising, FastCoDesign showcased Megan Prelinger’s book Inside The Machine: Art and Invention In The Electronic Age, which features inventive ads, magazine covers and graphic design during the early years of technology.

Check out the retro eye candy below.

Even President Obama uses a selfie stick

Because the world is coming to an end, even President Obama uses a selfie stick now.

The Commander in Chief went on a tour of the Alaskan Arctic to bring attention to climate change, and his trusty selfie stick went along for the ride. The two-minute video from his trip showcases the dire state of drastically receding glaciers.

While the coolness of selfie sticks is constantly debated in culture, the video tour with President Obama proves the selfie stick has a useful purpose. No word on whether he got a selfie with the aforementioned glaciers.