For Heart Failure Awareness Week, FCB Health Changes Its Name to FCB Heart

Why would you go to the trouble of raising awareness about a disease that 90% of people are already aware of?

Because only 3% of those people could tell you anything about its signs or symptoms.

And, in heart failure, not knowing can be deadly.

So, to close this knowledge gap, FCB Health has decided to be an agent of change—beginning with our name.

But what exactly is heart failure?

Heart Failure isn’t a heart attack, and it’s not the same thing as heart disease. Heart failure is when the heart can’t pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs, and it affects over 5 million people in the US alone.

This name change is just one piece of our larger campaign focusing on heart failure education and living a heart-healthy lifestyle. Under our new banner, FCB Heart is also engaging the public with multichannel tactics that include social media activation, disease awareness communications, and handing out informational “heart cards” in and around Herald Square. We’ve even staged a takeover of

healthSo, during Heart Failure Awareness Week—and every other week—please join us in the fight against this devastating condition. You can start by telling someone you love about it—because heart failure changes everything.