FCB Toronto Delivers on a Snacking Revolution

Consumers now have their own story to tell about RITZ Cracker. It started with a Facebook post that shared a fun idea of a fictitious RITZ Cracker Cutter that would allow people to cut their cracker toppings (cheese, meat and veggies) to the perfect size and scalloped shape of a RITZ Cracker. The community responded in droves and the post went viral with over 8k likes and 1.1k shares. Consumers were begging for RITZ to send them a Cracker Cutter and shared highly engaged comments like “Game Changer,” “Genius,” “Nailed it. How can I get one?” and “I must have this ingenious invention!” So, we gave the people what they wanted and brought the RITZ Cracker Cutter to life—transitioning from the story-teller to the “story-doer.”

On September 18th, we let RITZ fans know that we heard them and launched paid Facebook content that allows Canadians to get their very own, limited-edition RITZ Cracker Cutter for free by simply ordering through a fulfillment website.

cracker 2

Following the launch, consumers will continue to be inspired throughout the holiday season with RITZ Cracker Cutter recipes and hack ideas—allowing Canadian consumers to take their snacking to the next level and share stories of their new snacking adventures. #snackingevolutionrevolution