Fall in Love With Data all Over Again

The explosion of new media shows no sign of slacking in 2016. But it’s not the media itself that’s significant.

What’s going to make 2016 phenomenal is the granular personalization and individualization we can create using customer-driven data to deliver relevant content via the precisely right mediums.

It’s clear that mobile will soon be the predominant screen globally, giving marketers an ideal opportunity to speak individually with the customer. The challenge will be how to break through the clutter and not overstay your welcome.

Marketers have always loved data. But the type of data we love has evolved. Now we can get to know our prospective customers on a deeper, more emotional level. How do they like to be communicated with? What is important to them? What do they value? We still want to know where they live—but we also want to know where they go. And what do they like to do when they get there?

It’s now even more critical to gather all the information available on these behaviors through data sources such as pixels on your website, social listening tools, location-enabled devices, propensity to buy models and more. Then you can tailor your communication strategy to each profile attracted to your brand at exactly the right point in the customer journey. From email and SMS to online and mobile banner ads, you’ll be able to test and learn about the proper frequency, message and call to action for each target.

We have been utilizing this type of individual, data-driven marketing for several years in the digital banner space, and we continue to refine our programs, based on response over the control.


Krista Alef, Associate Media Director, HackerAgency