Espresso of Innovation: Heir Care

 Hello and welcome to this week’s Espresso of Innovation; the hottest news and strongest stories from the world of creativity and technology filtered into a quick shot of inspiration. This week, we’re going potty over Britain’s most famous baby.

The world’s media is camped out in London this week as we all await the news of the royal birth. Boy or Girl, Alexandra or James (the name favoured by thetwittersphere); either way the parents of this newest addition to the monarchy will have a plethora of technology and innovations to choose from in their rearing the royal baby. Nearly every stage of a baby’s development is fair game for technology innovations, and when it comes to our bundles of joy, we’re far from saturation.

We recommend the butlers on booty duty download the TweetPee from Huggies in Brazil, which has sensors to let you know when a nappy needs changing. And, to ensure the future of the kingdom is protected, the crown could crowdfund these QRSmartDiapers that analyse health data in real time.

Sudden silences on the baby monitor won’t panic the new parents if they invest in the Owlet or Withings smartphone connected devices which combine audiovisual streaming, pulse/oxygen motion sensors and temperature and noise control. Of course, if the little darling is screaming loud enough to address the nation, the Duchess will want to get her hands on the cry analysis research from Brown or this 96% accuracy CryTranslator app.

With the general public eager for updates, the Palace can make sure we don’t miss first words with theHeard recorder. Don’t worry though, if the nationwide cooing gets too much, you can eliminate all knowledge withun’s baby-hiding plugin.

For those less fortunate in the world, much innovation of late has been focused on developing countries and ways to reduce infant mortality, like the Embrace infant warmer or the MobiUS SP1, which is turning smartphones and tablets into portable ultrasound devices.

One thing is for certain, Kate and William will have technology aplenty to choose from. As style leaders, expect to see baby accessories spotted with HRH sell out quickly. The cost of raising a child is predicted to reach £350,000 by 2023, so what can your business do to improve childhood for parents, princes and paupers?