New E-commerce Marketing Award Launches in China

Effie Awards are well known for putting a spotlight on marketing ideas that work. These awards have now come to celebrate global effectiveness with more than 40 regional and national programs across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa and North America.

This year, the Effie Awards teamed up with the International E-Commerce Innovation Association (IECIA) to create the ECI Awards. These awards honor the most innovative e-commerce marketing initiatives, commending efforts for business model, product or service offerings that bring groundbreaking ideas and performance to the global digital market.

As a member of HackerAgency’s team in China, I am very proud that the very first ECI Awards were launched in China this year. The IECIA made the decision to bring these awards to China because of our energetic e-commerce environment. The Chinese market is not only huge in and of itself; it drives e-commerce development in the world and is expanding the market globally. IECIA expects to share and promote Chinese e-commerce experience with other markets to accelerate global e-commerce innovation in marketing and technology.

In this inaugural year for the ECI Awards, HackerAgency was invited to submit entries and compete with other agencies. I was also honored to be asked to join the jury and evaluate entries from other regions in noncompetitive categories. I was very excited to see so many top advertisers participate in this awards competition – even in its first year. Because of the high caliber of competition, winning an award is an even greater honor and could help provide more business opportunities for the winners. It was quite inspiring!

As a juror, I reviewed more than 35 cases from many different industries in various markets, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, which I would not normally be able to see. Many of these cases were excellent. I was impressed by a large number of interesting e-commerce innovations using WeChat, one of the most popular mobile apps in China. In fact, WeChat is so popular it is almost a required element of any marketing campaign executed in China.

I learned about many different ways advertisers are connecting offline with online data – which is, of course, what everyone is interested in doing. Being on the jury was a wonderful learning experience for me. I’m looking forward to the award ceremony on April 11th!


Written by Cindy Huang, General Manager – China, HackerAgency