Breakfast at 33rd Street

After three long weeks of planning, we wrapped up our “Interns Together” project with an agencywide Meet and Greet. Employees from the 33rd Street office trickled into the Union Square conference room to grab a bagel bite or two (or five) with fresh fruit. The ticket of entry was to bring business cards from underneath our posters located throughout the office: bring three, eat free.


Our idea was simple: hang up posters on the office glass windows to get noticed and for employees to pick up our contact info with ease. We looped video footage of our individual profiles on television screens near the coffee bar and also created social media pages. Then, we planned a breakfast to gather employees in one room to introduce ourselves as summer interns, network, and enjoy a meal together.

As I walked down to the fifth floor, I could see employees flocking toward the delicious aroma with our bright business cards in hand, looking over our favorite quotes. Inside the conference room, music played in the background, and everyone was busy mingling with each other.


“The food was delicious!” commented Griffin Murray, an Account Management Intern at FCB Garfinkel. The “Everybody’s Favorite” bagel bite stuffed with cream cheese indeed proved to be everybody’s favorite (including mine), disappearing within the first 20 minutes. Even after all the Bantam Bagels were devoured, employees and interns alike stuck around Union Square to chat.


Molly Cohen, a Creative Intern for FCB Garfinkel, mentioned that she took full advantage of the Meet and Greet as a way to interact with employees. “I got a lot of helpful insights about the next steps to take for the intern project from mentors I met today.”

However, the interns were not the only ones who enjoyed the event. Natalie Postruzin, Corporate Communications Project Manager, shared that the event allowed her to get to know the interns and gave the interns an opportunity to learn about other departments.

“It was a nice way to meet people and helpful for me as well,” said Natalie. She also enjoyed helping interns make connections while discussing their career paths. “That’s the whole point of it!” said Natalie with a smile.