A Celebration of Love and Commitment

The captivating and emotional “Nobody’s Memories” campaign, created FCB Toronto, in partnership with FCB Chicago, highlights the many same-sex marriages that never happened because it was not legal to get hitched. So to celebrate National Pride Month, FCB’s Anthony Imgrund went around the network to find four stories of love and commitment that ended (or will end) in happily ever after.



Eleven years ago in Burbank, California, Morgan met Amy, (literally) the girl next door. Morgan was working with Amy’s cousin at the time and the two, both being East Coast transplants, hit it off right away. The two loved the movie Jurassic Park and even walked down the aisle to a slide guitar rendition of the theme song at their wedding.

Morgan surprised Amy with a marriage proposal on Halloween in 2013 (“She was convinced I’d never ask her”) and, after many strings of expletives, said yes.

The two married on November 16, 2014 in The Barn at Perona Farms in Andover, NJ. Morgan admits that they are still getting used to the new word “wife” but their shared love of wine, movies and toys (take a close look at Morgan’s wedding bouquet) has made it feel like nothing has changed.

They are the proud moms of Piper, a Pomeranian, and Benson, a Siberian cat.



Dale and Carlos met in October 2009 at their neighborhood grocery store’s coffee bar (“Yes… that actually happens to people!” Carlos added). At the time, Dale was managing a bank branch across the street and Carlos lived in a condo above it.

Carlos went to the bank a couple of weeks later to invite Dale out for a drink. As if it were a scene from a movie, Dale noticed him pacing back and forth outside the windows and was about to call security on him! “I thought I was being discreet.”

Luckily, Carlos’ bravery kicked in and security did not need to get involved. “That turned out to be the best decision of my life.”

The two were married in February 2012, in a very small ceremony at City Hall in Toronto just the way they both wanted it. But don’t think they got out of all the stress around a wedding… the day of the wedding, they were closing on the sale of their town house and had to rush to make their 1pm wedding appointment! “We made it, however – homeless, but we made it!”


The two spend their summers gardening or riding bikes and their winters focused on renovations around the house. They are also the proud parents of Anabela and Alice, two beautiful miniature long-haired dachshunds with a lot of personality who keep the two men on their toes.



“Four years of friendship was a great blueprint to build love with,” Krystle said when talking about herself and Brenley. On Canada Day 2009, the two fell madly in love when they practically relived their entire friendship in a single day! “We went for a run together on the path along the train tracks, had breakfast in Kensington Market, went to a Blue Jays game, had sushi for dinner, and then walked to the waterfront to watch fireworks explode into the sky like thousands of miniature rockets trying to reach Mars.”

The two love to run together and it was three years ago, on a run, that the two found their first home. Krystle continues, “We turned up a side street we don’t normally run up and ran past an “open house.” That open house became our house not too long after that.”

And it was a year ago that Brenley, standing amongst the chauffeurs at the arrival gate at London’s Heathrow airport, held up a sign that read “Krystle Mullin, do you want to marry me?”

The two don’t have a date yet for their wedding but are definitely looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together.



They had been together for 14 years that morning of February 21, 2014, when Seth got the text from Marc saying “Want to get married tomorrow?”

While not a typical proposal method, Marc had just heard the ruling of a U.S. District Court judge who said that same-sex couples in Cook County did not have to wait until June 1st* to get married. So after the text-message proposal was accepted, the two went that night to get the marriage license and were married the next day at City Hall. Only Seth’s immediate family knew that the two were tying the knot, but “once the deed was done,” they made sure everyone knew.

* The Illinois legislature passed a marriage equality law that was signed by Governor Pat Quinn on November 20, 2013 but did not go into effect until June 1, 2014.