5 Smart Ways To Measure Mobile Media – Part 1 of 5

Mobile–an integrated part of most customer buying journeys–was a problem child in the marketing world because mobile performance was hard to measure. Thankfully, technology progresses and we have multiple measurement techniques based on the business objectives a given campaign.

Just like everything else: You have to pay attention to the end result you want before you ever get started.

To save you some headaches, we’ve created a series of short how-to videos to bring you up to speed on the miracle of mobile media measurement. Some methods are simple, some are complex but they all have a place in your digital marketing tool kit.

1.    Marketing Source Codes, aka Query String Parameters.
Add marketing source or tracking code (query string parameters) to the end of destination URLs. This is a simple, standardized process that ties into your web analytics platform (e.g., Google Analytics, Webtrends or Coremetrics) and allows you to track activity from that person’s smartphone or tablet just as you would if they were on a desktop computer.

We recommend that campaign tracking code ALWAYs be used in addition to your basic analytics package.

Click there to watch the video on how this works.

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